Getting the Best Performance From Your Polaris Ranger


A stock Polaris Ranger 4X4 base cost is $9,699 and it’s not uncommon for an owner who is interested in high performance to multiply this cost three fold to build their machine to exactly what they want. This is not an uncommon theme for any off road vehicle from a dirt bike to a full blown off road truck. Performance costs money and high performance is the key to maximizing the fun you will have on your weekend outings. There are several aspects of vehicle modification that are usually overlooked. Safety and suspension are two of the most important features of a properly built ride but they are commonly given minimal attention or they are completely overlooked all together. However, Safety and suspensions tie together nicely and they are easily done at the same time.

The Polaris Ranger is capable of having enhanced roll cages and bumpers added. The best time to do modifications like this is when you have the vehicle apart to build the suspension. The Polaris Ranger suspension is adequate for a stock vehicle but if you want more out your Polaris power plant you better budget for Polaris suspension upgrades. If you don’t you’ll lose precious horsepower going to the wheels because the suspension will not be able to react to the higher levels of torque. This causes serious loss of horsepower.

Another drawback to a stock suspension is the amount of travel that you will get. With a properly set up suspension you’ll be able to traverse rockier terrain and you’ll be able to get out of places that a stock Ranger would not be able to get out of. An added benefit to a better suspension is usually an upgrade in tire sizes. A bolt on suspension will not allow you drastic changes in this department but it will allow you small upgrades to give a little added clearance. It’s easy to understand the lure of a high performance off road machine. The benefit of the Ranger is that it can take two people on a great weekend journey through the woods whereas a four-wheel vehicle is designed for a single person and a completely built off road tuck and cost at least $50,000 for a dependable vehicle. The Ranger gives a lot more for a lot less even with the added cost of upgrades.

It’s important to make sure the job is properly planned and attention is paid to all elements that add up to a successful build like safety and suspension to ensure you are getting the most out of your power plant modifications and to ensure you are safe while out in the woods.


Source by Kimberly Green