How to Add More Mileage to Your Car


People want to get the most of their cars. There’s no doubt about that. Cars can be such an expensive investment. And if you won’t maximize their use, then you may just come out as the sore loser with the purchase. You can’t overuse your car because it won’t let you. It would breakdown and won’t run if you force it. All cars have their limits, no matter how pricey you’ve bought it.

Improve your car’s mileage and you should be good. However, mileage and costly repairs seem to go hand in hand. Is there anyway you can take your car to its limits and still keep it in the same tiptop condition? There’s a way. Here’s how:

1. Regularly check the oil level.

A lot of motorists keep forgetting about their oils. And so they go to long journeys only to run out of oil halfway. To maximize the mileage of your car, you should make sure that the oil is always on the full level mark. Use the dipstick and check regularly. Keep a quart or two of synthetic oil in your trunk. You’ll never know how much that can help you.

2. Always check the tire pressure.

Tires are one of the most worked parts of any car. It is only right to take care of it properly. Check the manual of your car to know the right tire pressure that your car should run on. Before starting on any long drive, be sure to drop by a service station to check your tire’s psi.

3. Check the car’s fluid requirements.

Cars need several types of fluids to run properly. These are brake fluid, transmission fluid, windshield water fluid, power steering fluid, and radiator coolant. Make sure that the levels of these fluids are good. It pays to check them every three months to maximize your car’s mileage.

4. Check the oil filter.

The level of the engine oil is not the only one you should check regularly. The oil filter deteriorates too. Cars with low mileage can get away changing oil filters every four months. If you exceed more than 6,000 miles a year, then do so every three months.

5. Check the air filter.

Air filters should be changed every year at most. This is most applicable to you if you incur 10,000 miles yearly. If your mileage is lower, you are allowed to use the same air filter for two years.

6. Wash and clean

How many times do you submit your car for general cleaning and washing? If you want to go the distance, do so every six months. This pertains to a thorough car wash and not just a simple spray of water. Through car wash includes the removal of tar and wax from your vehicle.

By doing these steps regularly, you are going to add more life and mileage to your car. These are simple maintenance tips that you should never ignore. To get the best service out of your car, you should make a little more investment.


Source by Eric Hill