How To Change A Toyota Camry Factory Stereo


Toyota is a leading manufacturer producing Camry. This car comes with a well equipped audio system comprising of stereo and speakers . However there are few people who want to have facilities better than the that of the factory installed one. The receivers that are available after market comes with wide features and also enables us to choose required features from them. However to do this first we need to know How to change a Camry audio system.

This article deals with the procedure used only for Toyota Camry. Removing the receiver varies from one car to another . However the procedure generally remains the same. Let us look at the things that we need to keep it ready and also detailed description of the procedure from this article.

The things needed mainly to do this job of removing the in dash receiver are screw driver both normal and that which has flat head , socket wrench which measures around ten millimeter along with its extension and then a panel tool. These simple 8 steps will guide us through the process. This can be done without the help of efforts. As a result we not only save few bucks but also precious time.

The first step would be to ensure that all music media like compact discs , cassettes are all taken out from the receiver. Next switch off the ignition engine. The car is now made to stand in a place using hand brakes. On two sides there are trim panels . These are taken out to remove philips screws which can be found behind the panel.

In the third step we need to unscrew a knob that is used for shifting gears. This is easy as we just need to operate the screw driver in the left direction. Thus the knob gets removed completely. As we do this we reach the lower dash where we will locate a storage compartment. The doors of this compartment is opened after which trim panel is pulled. The panel is completely pulled after which the harness for wiring is let free. This removes the panel completely.

The lock for shifter is released the the gear is set to the lowest position by adjustment of the handle for shifter. Now storage compartment is pulled in such a way that if moves under the radio. We will find heater controls and bolts of size 10 mm near it . We need to remove these bolts in our next step.

There are vents located on top of the radio . Just pry them and take them out. This is the seventh step. The last and eighth step would be to separate the control and assembly unit for radio and climate from the in dash. The wiring for harness should be detached from its plug connection at back of the radio.

With the help of this article and its above instructions, anyone can learn how to remove the in dash receiver in the Toyota Camry. This article is very specific to the Toyota Camry and cannot be followed for every other car.


Source by Jack Wylde