How To Check And Fill Radiator Coolant


Radiator coolant keeps your engine from freezing into a block of ice during colder weather conditions or climates. But not everyone knows that radiator coolant also helps things remain cool during hot summer days. Many car owners merely drive their vehicles with nothing but water in the radiator mistakenly thinking that it is only necessary in winter.

Your radiator coolant works to raise the temperature of water to its’ boiling point thus allowing it to move more heat away from your car’s engine. That means your vehicle will run cooler. If you radiator coolant levels are too low, the temperature of your car will increase quickly.

The good thing is that it only takes a moment to check your radiator coolant levels. In most vehicles, the coolant will be an opaque white plastic tank sitting near the radiator. It’s not completely opaque. The tank is transparent enough for you to see the coolant levels and determine whether or not you need more. The tank also contains markings to help you measure those levels. You should always check your radiator coolant level when your car is cold.

If your levels are fine, then there’s nothing to be concerned about. However, insufficient coolant levels are unsafe for your automobile so make sure you are taking measures to correct the level. An engine requires a mixture of coolant and water at a ratio of 50% of each. Fortunately, you do not need to create the mixture yourself in the exact amount. Now, you can go to your auto supplies retailer and get it premixed ready to use. To do it yourself would require lots of trial and error until one achieved the perfect mixture. Buying the premixed may cost a bit more but it’s less complicated and messy.

Add to the coolant by unscrewing or removing the cap of the opaque plastic overflow tank. Next, add more coolant to your mixture until the reservoir is full. Replace the cap securely to the coolant tank and you’re all set.

Caution: Coolant is very toxic to animals. If you should happen to spill some on the ground, be sure to wipe it up. Animals are attracted to it because it tastes sweet. Though animals cannot know the difference, we can be conscientious in this regard and protect them from harm.


Source by Bond Mejeh