How to Get a Free Carfax Report


Buying a used car is the perfect way for many people to get into the vehicle of their dreams. With the right information, a buyer has more control when purchasing a used car than a new one. Today, used cars can be traced back via a free CARFAX history report. You can find out if a used car was involved in any accidents or legal issues that may not be disclosed at the time of sale. Get a free CARFAX history report before you buy a used car, and feel secure that saving money for the car was the right choice.

Step 1

Ask for the VIN of the used car or truck you want to buy. Tell the owner that you want to see if the history is as described. This is a common request, and any reputable used-car salesman should be able to provide a CARFAX history report. Inform the seller of the benefits of such a report, and ask that he wait until you can see one before the sale.

Step 2

Visit the CARFAX site (see Resources) and type in the VIN number of the used car you want to buy; then click “Search.” You will be taken to a page that lists information for that particular car. You can search through multiple selections as long as you have a VIN for each one. Look for red flags in the information that warn of potential problems.

Step 3

Look thru the vehicle’s accident and insurance history using the history report from CARFAX. The vehicle’s VIN number will also show different registrations that might signal an interstate sale. Many used cars can come from other parts of the country after a natural disaster. The progression of registration is an important tool in finding out if that great-looking used car once was in a world of hurt.

Step 4

Confirm any information that is unclear. Contact the state of registration to make sure you have the entire story.


Source by Brooklyn used cars