How to Get a Free Laptop?


How to get a free laptop? allows its users to win the hottest laptops as reward simply for taking part in their offers. We reward our users because our advertiser sponsors pay us to participate in our incentive programs because we drive thousands of consumers to their websites.

How does this work?

1) Select your free notebook and enter your email address
2) Tell us where to send your laptop
3) Complete the sponsored offers of your choice within 1 year. After confirmation of completion your free laptop computer will be shipped. Come back to the website to continue at any time.

Is this a scam?

Absolutely NOT! We realize that there are a lot of companies out there running the free laptop offer who are claiming to give away a laptop for free and then have rules that are totally confusing and hard to follow. We will always be upfront with what you need to do to complete our free laptop offer program. To be 100% honest, we want to send you this laptop so we can get the most amount of revenue from our sponsors.

How many offers will I really have to complete to get my laptop for free?

As few as 4 and as many as 10, depending on how you decide to participate in the free laptop offer program.

Who is eligible?:

To be eligible to participate in the Program, you must be at least 18 years of age at the time of registration and reside in the United States. Employees of the Company and persons related to or residing in the same household of such employees are not eligible to become Members. Corporations or other business entities are not eligible to participate. Only one account per person is eligible to participate in the Program or receive a Gift.


Source by Deepak Khanna