How to Get Free Firewood


Firewood can be made from just about any wood. Unlike other wood products like lumber, firewood doesn’t have to be good quality wood. Some types of wood burns better than others but if it’s free that doesn’t matter so much, all of it will put out heat as long as it’s dry.

There is a lot of wood that goes to waste either because it’s poor quality or the wrong size for something someone wanted to use it for. Or maybe someone has wood and doesn’t have any use for it. This kind of wood can be found if you know where to look and you can use it for firewood.

Sources of Free Firewood

Used pallets and shipping crates. There are enormous amounts of shipping pallets circulating around the world for hauling freight on. They eventually get old and start to fall apart and are thrown away. Look for shipping companies in your area or businesses that receive a lot of freight. They may give away pallets and wooden shipping crates free. Some of them are even made of good hardwood like oak. These can be cut into firewood.

If someone is cutting down or trimming a tree in their yard they may be willing to give you the wood free just for hauling it away. Check with tree services and landscaping services and ask if they would give away their trimmings.

Construction companies, furniture, cabinet or any wood manufacturing companies sometimes have scraps they just throw away.

Someone that has a building, fence, or any wood structure could also be a source of free firewood. Check with demolition companies.

Put an ad on Craigslist or other advertisement offering to haul away unwanted wood.

In many cases you will have to cut the wood up yourself. If you are not comfortable using a power saw use a hand saw and cut them up a little at a time. It’s good exercise.

You can almost always find free firewood, it just takes some time and effort and sometimes being a little resourceful.

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Source by AM Wilson