How To Ground Car Stereo


Grounding is an important thing to be done after purchasing the car stereo amplifier. This ensures stable operation after the aftermarket of your car stereo. The ground wire should be secured firmly by using either a nut or bolt along with the body of the car. The amplifier gets its power only after completing the circuit and grounding completes the circuit. The power wire is connected to the positive terminal of the battery of the car. And then the role of negative lead is taken up by the ground wire which is attached to the car through a metal wire. But how to properly ground a car stereo amplifier? Here are a few simple steps to answer this.

Certain tools are required for accomplishment of this task. Tools make processing easier and less time consuming. The process of grounding a car stereo can be easily accomplished using simple tools like ground wires and of course an amplifier for grounding.

Safety is first when it comes to doing a job. Especially while working with a car stereo it is a must to avoid electrical damages by disconnecting the wire connected to the car’s battery and the negative terminal. This is the most important thing to be done to avoid short circuits in the car.

The next step is to decide the place where the amplifier is to be mounted. This is considered a very important step. There must be a gap for 18 inches from the car amplifier to the ground. Over heating is another problem which causes damage to the amplifier. So care should be taken to avoid overheating. This can be avoided if the amplifier is mounted in a well ventilated cool place inside the car. One such place is the trunk of the car which is very useful for mounting the amplifier.

The ground wire is connected to the ground point present in the amplifier. It is necessary to have a wiring diagram of the amplifier safe which is given by the manufacturer. Referring to it often may avoid wrong connections and it also helps one to have a clear over look of the output that is connected to the ground wire. It is generally marked in the amplifier itself.

The next step is to locate an area in the gap of 18 inches from the ground to the amplifier. The body of the car is the place where it can be mounted. While mounting the wire to the body of the car make sure to use nuts and screws as this ensures tight connection towards the body of the car.

The final step in this process is very important. The nuts and screws are all unscrewed. The ground wire’s metal lead is placed in between. And then these screws and are all re installed. And finally it is all kept secured.

The problem of short circuits and other types of electrical problems causing damage to the amplifier can be avoided if one knows how to properly ground a car stereo amplifier.


How to Ground Car Stereo


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