How to install a Toyota Yaris GPS Navigation – Car DVD Installation Series


1:Use plastic knife to loosen the decorated bar


Yaris GPS

2:Same as step 1


3:Remove the decorated bar


Toyota Yaris GPS unit

4:Same as step 3


Toyota Yaris GPS Navigation

5:Loosen the meter panel


Toyota Yaris GPS Navigation

6:Same as step 5


Toyota Yaris GPS Navigation

7:Remove the screws of original main unit


Toyota Yaris GPS Navigation

8:Same as step 7


Toyota Yaris GPS DVD Navigation

9:Take out the original main unit slowly

Toyota Yaris DVD unit

Toyota Yaris GPS Navigation

10:Remove the origianl cables


Toyota Yaris dvd player

11:Install the bracket


Toyota Yaris GPS double din navi

12:Loosen air conditioner wind outlet


Toyota Yaris built-in navigation unit

13:Take out the air conditioner wind outlet


Toyota Yaris gps unit

14:Install the air conditioner wind outlet on this unit


toyota Yaris 2 din gps

15:After the item’s  cable full connection


toyota yaris OEM DVD player

16:The effect after installation


toyota yaris gps system

The newest batch of Toyota Yaris, which has been produced for the model year 2006 to 2007, would be receiving a new high technology feature. This would be fully electronic and it is called the Drive by Wire Custom Cruise® Control System. Rostra Precision Controls, Inc. has been the brains and the power behind such a new innovation in the Toyota Yaris. However, Toyota would be dubbing this new system as the Rostra Yaris Cruise Control System.

This new system has been made available not only for Yaris with automatic transmission systems but this has also been made available for those with manual transmission systems. Aside from that, this new feature would also be containing the capability to do various things. The list of functions includes set speed, coast and reduce speed, resume and accelerate, controlled resume rate, and retention of last set speed as well. For those who would be driving a Toyota Yaris with the Rostra Yaris Cruise Control System in place, the whole experience would definitely be a drive to remember.

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