How to Look Up for a Car History Report


When buying a second hand car online or at a dealership, a car history report is an invaluable document that helps buyers make sure that their purchase will not be flogged with problems in the future. By just having a vehicle identification number, a car history report can be brought up in an instant through the Internet.

A preference to get a car history report is having it from the dealer. All trustworthy dealerships will have the vehicle history report by the time of closing deal, and they will issue a copy for free. Once at the dealership, one can ask easily for the car history report, and a solid copy can be printed in an instant.

However, if suspicions regarding the car dealer are raised, another option where one can search for a car history report is through an online vehicle history report directory. In the United States, there are four major web sites that collate all car history reports, with two offering free service and the other two do not. Each site offers various services and different aspects of the car history report.

On the CarFax web site, on a cost of US$29.99 per report, it assures to reveal any accident history of the car and if the car had title problems, collision issues or calamity concerns. CarFax also bring back fraud damage claims and make sure the odometers are not tampered. CarFax is widely used by many car dealerships, including ones selling and reselling used cars in Anaheim.

On choosing AutoCheck website, always bear in mind that it is affiliated to Experian, which is a credit report agency. It also promises to have thorough reports with accident histories or any past problems regarding the car at the cost of $20.00. It will also show the places where the car was registered into. Carfax and Autocheck are recommended by dealerships of used cars in Anaheim, but using either of the service requires the VIN of the car, plus identification and credit car information from the person looking for the report.

One of the two free methods of seeing if the car has been involved in troubles like theft is by visiting the FreeVINCheck web site. This site, also recommended by dealerships of used cars in Anaheim, is a free search by the National Insurance Crime Bureau in the United States. This helps buyers to make sure that the car to be purchased was not acquired by illegal means and the title is securely intact.

Finally, buyers can use another service from the US government to have a secure purchase through going at the National Motor Vehicle Title Information Systems Database web site. As urged by most dealerships of used cars in Anaheim to visit, the NMVTISD is a website of US Department of Justice that has convened with Auto Data Direct and CARCO group to issue vehicle history reports.


Source by Eric Hawn