How to Replace your Car Lights


If you have a dead tail, brake, or reverse car lights in your vehicle, don’t worry. Replacing dead bulbs is very simple.

Step One – What you want to do first is determine how the bulb can be accessed. Some gave to be unscrewed from the outside while others can be taken out from the inside. There is usually a plastic covering you should remove before you begin. This goes for any other tabs or screws that are containing the light.

Step Two – After you reveal the bulb you want to unscrew it by pushing in and turning it at the same time. Next, take the bulb with you to the auto supply store so you can purchase the exact same car light bulb.

Step Three – Before re-installing, clean the connection with a wire brush or rag if there’s any corrosion.

Step Four – Screw the new bulb into place. You will have to push in and turn the bulb at the same time. Be sure to line up the tiny raised bulbs on the base of the bulb for proper fitting.

Step Five – Finally, you should replace the lens or plastic covering.

After you replace any of your car lights, you should test your work by stepping on your breaks, and flipping your headlights on and off. Be sure the lights light up and you are road safe. Whenever you have a dead bulb, replace it using these steps right away. You will definitely get a traffic ticket if you don’t.


Source by Kasan Groupe