How to Take Care of a Gnat Problem Naturally


If you’ve ever had the pleasure of dealing with gnats, here’s a great way to get them under control:

First, eliminate the source – any soft (meaning rotten) fruit or vegetables will spawn an infestation of gnats. Check your trash, and get rid of anything that might remotely attract them. Old fruit, spots of honey or balsamic vinegar, etc. I would even get rid of any stale bread… anything that any bug might find appetizing.

Next, find a tall, narrow glass (something you might drink iced tea or milk out of). Put a little cider vinegar in it (enough to cover the bottom of the glass to about 1/4 of an inch deep or so).

Now, put a few drops of detergent in it (dish soap will work fine for this part). Stir it up, and set a funnel on the top of the glass, narrow part down inside the glass.

Gnats will be attracted to the cider vinegar, and will crawl down the funnel into the glass. Once there, they are unable to get back out and will ultimately end up in the vinegar. The detergent holds them there once they land, and they ultimately “drown” in the vinegar.

I was pretty skeptical about this solution initially, but I thought I’d try it. Other than a little bit of vinegar smell wafting through the room sometimes, I was pleasantly surprised at how well it worked! We set it up, left the house for a little while (maybe 30 minutes or so), and when we came back, there were gnats all over the glass – on the inside! At least 50 of them, with many already dead in the vinegar!

I highly suggest using this tactic – it’s much better than buying a can of (ineffective) chemicals and leaving a coating of poisonous residue all over your house!


Source by A. Caleb Hartley