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Writing reports: why write reports, structure in report writing, how to write a report.

Report writing skills are sought after. Knowing how to write reports is useful. The techniques of writing reports are simple.

Report writing is in daily use. Writing reports is involved at school and at work. Students have to write reports. Writing reports is part of a teacher’s job. Report writing is routine in the public and civil services. Before a law is passed a select committee writes a report. Business executives write reports.

Employees and students find it difficult to write a report. If they have to write a long report they get confused. Keep your cool ~do not end up as in one of the anecdotes of the Cypriot columnist and teacher the late Orhan Seyfi Ari, about a radio broadcast of a boxing match between Abdi and Bandinelli annoucing the winner as Abdinelli -do not get excited. Learn the techniques of writing reports.The techniques of writing a report are easy to learn. Report writing is not difficult. Writing reports is easy -whether short or long reports.

Here is how to write a report: the techniques of report writing…

In report writing we need to know: What is Report writing… The Object of Writing Reports… How to Write a Report. Then writing a report becomes easy -we can write a report…

What is Report Writing

Report writing begins with being asked to write a report. Reports are almost always asked for, and are documents – short or substantial in size. Writing a report is examining a given problem or issue and suggesting a practical solution.

The Object of Writing Reports

Writing reports is for a purpose. Report writing must not defeat its object. When you are asked to write a report, you are provided information. You are expected to competently analyse that information, draw consistent conclusions, and make sensible and practical recommendations in your report.

Before writing a report you must be clear on your brief. You can not write a report usefully without being sure of its object. In writing reports it helps to also clarify the information provided. Report writing can fail in its object by the assignor assuming that you have some of the needed information. Be absolutely clear of the object of the report, and of the adequacy of the information you have, before writing reports. the object of writing reports is to offer directly related suggestions.

In report writing bear in mind that the assignor may have incomplete information affecting even the object of writing the report. In Britain only after one & a half months of preparations to set up a national lottery to be run by the government was it discovered that in English law it had to be contracted out. You may be told “You should’ve asked!” Beware, in writing reports.

The object of writing reports is so dependent on relevant information that the Xerox corporation had set up a village for years for its researchers to obtain adequate information before writing reports on the future effects of computer data storage media on use of photo copying machines and paper.

When you are asked to write a report, while do not assume the role of a researcher, do be clear on what is wanted and of the information provided. The object of report writing is to find practical solutions to issues of briefs to write reports on.

How to Write a Report

Having clarified the issue on which you are to write a report, and the information necessary for your writing a report, you need to ensure the essential in report writing: consistency.

For this, use the techniques of writing reports. These are: Preparing to Write Reports… Presentation in Writing a Report.

You cannot write reports consistently without data preparation. Presentation in writing a report helps show its consistency.

Preparing to write reports: If the issue is detailed and you are writing a report that is substantial you may choose to use specialist computer software. Else, this is a must in such report writing: List different data on separate sheets of paper in a ring-binder -to arrange or re-arrange easily and logically as the data for the report you are writing accumulates.

Presentation in writing a report: Report writing techniques of presentation involve: structure, enclosures, index and title.

>>> Structure in report writing:-

1. Begin with a brief summary of the main points of your report. Enable the person who you asked you to write the report, at a glance, to see the gist of it.

… In the first paragraph briefly tell what the report is going to tell. If you are writing a long report, use a separate page.

2. Then, in telling what you said your report was going to tell, keep the detail logical, clear and simple -easy to read…

… If writing a technical report don’t clutter it with statistical-data, tables, graphs. If such make a report difficult to read attach them as enclosures or appendices, refer to them. In writing long reports use dividers, colour-tags -too many irritate.

… Do not use jargon in report writing. When writing a report be direct and specific -write a report that is easily to comprehend.

4. End reports as begun. When writing reports, end them, again, with a brief summary of the main points. Tell the report’s reader, briefly, what you have told in detail. Write reports with endings that enable every person you write a report for at a glance to see the gist of the report’s main points.

>>> Enclosures in writing a report:-

5. When you write a report ensure that each enclosure is clearly marked, easily distinguishable from others attached.

… In writing the report refer to each enclosure as marked.

… Attach the enclosures in the order referred to in the report.

>>> Index in writing reports:-

6. After you write a report add an index -or a ‘contents’ page.

… Do so after word-processing the report with page numbers.

>>> Title in report writing:-

7. When you write reports you need titles-pages for them.

… The title-page should be the first in the report you write.

… In report writing the title page contains: the title of the report, the date finished writing the report, and the reference number (if any) of the party who asked you to write the report.

These techniques of writing reports ensure easy report writing.

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