In-Demand Jobs in the Philippines


Right after the inauguration of the new President elect Benigno “Noynoy” Aquino III, the expectation for a change in governance of the Filipinos in the new administration is high.  For most Filipinos, nice life’s elusiveness is pretty much over.  The only remedy that could help make life much easier for people who are below poverty level is to have a quality work that could certainly keep the needs of every Filipino.  Consequently, choosing the appropriate major or program in college would lead to a very bright occupation in the future.

Just recently, a list of professions that will be needed for the next ten years in the Philippines was released by the Department of Labor and Employment.  The list was formulated based on findings of DOLE’s latest labor market study under its “Project Jobs Fit” program.  The list was published to the public on June 29 of this year.  That was the day when President Aquino announced Baldoz’s appointment.

The program has determined the areas that need added workforce in the next ten years. These groups are:  agribusiness, cyberservices, health and wellness, hotel, restaurant and tourism, mining, construction, banking and finance, manufacturing, ownership dwellings and real estate, transport and logistics, wholesale and retail trade.   The research also identified the need to buttress the four emerging industries expected to reinforce employment opportunities, namely creative industries, diversified/strategic farming and fishing, power and utilities, and renewable energy.

This approach will guide Filipino students to find the ideal program or major in college or university and would offer them the opportunity to land a job once they accomplished college.  Aside from that, brain drain would be minimized.  This has been one of the issues that the Philippines is attempting to get rid of.  Fresh college graduates would usually submit an application for work which is different from the curriculum that they took during their college years.  In essence, the college degree earned has somehow been put to waste.      
Proficient nurses will be needed in health and wellness sector.  Animal husbandry graduates, agricultural economists, aquaculturists, and coconut farmers are wanted in the agribusiness field.

The demand for call center agents for the next ten years in cyberservices sector is still notable.  One edge of applying for a position in a call center is that a degree is not a requirement to get a job in this type of industry.  Most of the people I know who are now occupying higher positions in a call center have not finished college.

The rising industry of outsourcing would still continue.  With that said, call center agent is not the only position that will be in-demand in the cyber services sector.  This will lead way to other outsourcing business such as SEO.  In a world where the internet is the most powerful application that can help business to remain prosperous; link builders, webmasters, and other online jobs will soon be one of the most preferred jobs in the Philippines.  Aside from that, Philippines will also be noted as the good pick in choosing a excellent SEO partner.

The program strives to guide Filipino go for the right curriculum in college and apply what they have learned which will help strengthen the Philippine economy.  Filipino people would undoubtedly benefit on the “Project Jobs Fit” program of the Department of Labor and Employment.


Source by philsout