iPhone Cases For Motorcycle Riders


When I was in college I rode a motorcycle instead of having a car, if you think about it – it was the smartest thing I could have done at that time. I already had a backpack so I didn’t need the extra space that a car or truck allows and I was low in money so riding the motorcycle gave me better gas mileage as well, I think it only took about eight dollars to fill up the tank.

One morning I got to class and I checked my pockets to make sure I still had my keys, wallet and cell phone – just as I do every time I got off the two wheel machine. To my surprise, my cell phone was not in my pocket, people don’t think of the small things that motorcycle riders deal with everyday not including watching out for other unsafe drivers. As for many people, cell phones guide their lives as they hold all their friends information and phone numbers, many cell phones are internet capable and allow the user to manage their calendar. My Apple 3g iphone did all of the above, I had only had it for a few months so it was basically brand new.

When I realized my new iphone had fallen out of my pocket, I immediately went back and re-traced my steps to see where it had escaped me. Right as I pulled through the main intersection by my house I noticed my phone was sitting on the ground where I had sat at the red light. No one had picked it up nor ran over it within the last 15 minutes. I carefully and quickly pulled a U-turn and was able to retrieve my phone, I didn’t have time to stop in the middle of the road and see if my phone was broken so I put my new iphone in my pocket and made the ride to school once again that morning.

I made it to my first class in just a knick of time basically as the teacher shut the door I was jogging up to the room. I was able to find a few minutes during my professor’s lecture to take a closer look at my phone, it had only minor scratches on it and luckily no one ran over it as the screen would be full of splattered ink. After class I went into the library and searched for iphone cases, skins or covers, Zagg.com had the cheapest iphone cases that I could tell were made of the highest quality.


Source by Martin Meeks