Is Your 2002 Prius Battery Starting to Fail? How to Tell if You Need a 2002 Prius Battery!


If you have a 2002 Prius, there is a very good possibility that you also have an original 2002 Prius battery.  At this point, that battery is approaching close to nine years old and you may be beginning to see signs of the battery failing.  

But how do you know if your 2002 Prius battery is starting to go?  Here are some common symptoms of a failing Prius battery –

1.  Your 2002 Prius battery will no longer be able to hold an extended charge.

Now with any other battery (such as a cell phone or a laptop), the more the battery is drained and charged, the faster it will deteriorate.  There is not anything that you have done wrong, rather more of just a wear and tear issue.  As batteries become older, they begin to fail.  There’s not a whole lot that you can do about that.

2.  You will start to see a decrease if your fuel efficiency.

This makes sense, right?  Your 2002 Prius battery is not cranking out the power needed to supplement the fuel used.  This means that your Prius is going to be running more on the fuel than it will on the battery.  Basically, the battery and the fuel system are not working hand and hand as they normally do.  This creates lower fuel efficiency.

3.  Your Prius will lose the acceleration power it once had.

This does go along with the fuel economy, but it too is another symptom.  Because the battery and fuel system are not in “mechanical harmony”, your car is just not running the way it should be.  So yes, a lack of power can be a direct result of your 2002 Prius battery starting to fail.

4.  Your Prius just may flat out die on you.

Naturally, if it dies, there’s a great possibility that the battery is shot.  If you Prius just dies on you, your battery is the first place that you should look.  No electricity = no car.

Do you know how to fix your 2002 Prius battery?  Well first, did you even know that you could fix it?  You can fix it if you know how.  Otherwise you can spend the $3800 for a new battery.  If I were you, I would definitely try and fix it first!


Source by Mike