Jaguar Mercantile Introduces Rendezvous Crystal Chandeliers


New Delhi,Jaguar Mercantile, the leading Indian company in high-end modern lighting equipment and fiber optics has introduced a new range of unique and luxurious Crystal Chandeliers in collaboration with SWAROVSKI. Established in 1895 SWAROVSKI is the pioneer in the cutting of crystals. SWAROVSKI crystals represent unmatched quality, exquisite brilliance and a large range.

The Rendezvous Crystal Chandelier range comes with genuine 24-carat gold plate finish and lasting luster. Each chandelier is embellished with Strass Swarovski Crystals, exquisitely crafted by hand, and designed to perfection. The products range from chandeliers to wall lighting, skylights and cascades.

The Rendezvous Crystal Chandelier from Jaguar Mercantile – SWAROVSKI is available in a wide range of exciting designs, priced between Rs. 21,800 to Rs. 2, 80,000. In addition, Jaguar Mercantile has also introduced the Spectra range of chandeliers for the mid-level segment at affordable prices. Besides this, customers will also have the option of custom-made chandeliers catering for individual tastes.
Established in 1960, JAQUAR, an Rs 350 crore company, has carved out a special niche for itself in India bringing several world-class products through its strategic tie-ups with world leaders like Swarovski, Hansgrohe, and Aquis, in the space of modern, exquisite lighting equipment for homes and the hospitality trade. With 8200 dealers and 21 orientation centers, JAQUAR offers personalized customer services. JAQUAR ensures that every product carrying its brand name, maintains standards of high quality that justifies the prestigious Fulham Geissler American Award for Quality.
Established in 1960, Jaquar a 350 Crore company has carved out a special niche for itself as the India’s largest manufacturer and exporter of bath fittings. Powered by extensive product development, backed by state-of-the-art production facilities, and supported by a vast marketing network. At JAQUAR, technology is the prime enabler – the force that drives the company to new heights. JAQUAR has installed the world’s most advanced plant and machinery sourced from global leaders. Constantly keeping abreast of the latest international developments in the industry is an integral part of the JAQUAR tech spirit, and the knowledge derived from this endeavor is channeled into a steady stream of innovation that seeks to give its customers the very best in terms of range, quality and aesthetic appeal. The cutting-edge technology, and the world-class products that emerge from it enable JAQUAR to entrench itself in quality-conscious markets like UK, Switzerland, USA, Canada, Denmark and the Middle East. This uncompromising focus on quality has been internationally recognized – JAQUAR has been awarded the prestigious Fulham Geissler American Award for Quality – received by the likes of Apple, AT&T, Boeing, IBM, Kodak and Xerox in the past. It has brought into India several world-class products through its strategic tie-ups with world leaders in the respective fields: Hansgrohe, Swarovski, and Aquis

JAQUAR has launched Orientation Centers in the cities of Ahmedabad, Bangalore, Chandigarh, Chennai, Cochin, Bhubaneshwar, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Mumbai, Pune, Raipur and Siliguri. JAQUAR Orientation Center will help architects and interior designers in a big way. JAQUAR Orientation Centers organize regular meets to help professionals in the bathware and interiors to know more about bath technology and aesthetics. JAQUAR Orientation Center also imparts training programs to enhance the skills of plumbers. To beneficiary of these schemes will, of course, be the end consumer who will have fewer plumbing hassles. The idea is not to directly sell our products, but to provide guidance and education on making the right choice of product and the kind of plumbing needed etc. Though the centres display the entire portfolio, no selling is done and once a choice is made consumers are directed to the nearest dealers.


Source by Diapayan Mazumdar 2