Lincoln Town Car Replacing Airbags and Compressor!


The Lincoln Town Car commonly needs air suspension work around 80 to 120k miles. What happens at this point is the bags usually wear out on the bottom part of the bag. You will not to be able to see this wear with the bags in the car, you will have to remove them and fully extend them. Lincoln Town Car Airbags are the same as most airbags, functionality wise. Once these bags rub together at the bottom for long enough, they will eventually wear through the chord, and leak.

So now you need new bags. In most cases people don’t know they are leaking for a little while, or if they do they ignore it. You may notice the air compressor running sometimes, as it has to keep adding air as air leaks out of the bags. Eventually the air compressor will fail due to being overworked, in an attempt to keep air in those leaky airbags. So one approach is to check your airbags as you get close to 80k miles. And keep an eye on them so you know when it is time for a new set of airbags. That will save you the cost of a Lincoln town car air compressor, which isn’t cheap.

If its to late, I have one other solution for you, that will resolve all your town car air suspension problems, for good. The solution is a Four Wheel Coil Conversion Kit, this will completely replace all your air suspensions parts. Everything from airbags, lines, compressor, and solenoids will no longer be needed. Instead these parts will be replaced with coil springs, which are much more reliable than and air suspensions system.

This can also help with other air suspension problems for a Lincoln. Not just necessarily a town car. For instance, say you’re having 1998 Lincoln navigator air suspension problems, you can fix that with this method as well. Air suspension conversion kits are known to be very faulty. They tend to mess up a lot. That is why it is a good idea to invest in a coil conversion kit.


Source by Kuldeep Singh Sethi