Low Mileage Engines, Llc’S Warranty


Low Mileage Engines Memphis, TN, LLC offers a great warranty to their customers that purchase a used car engine from them. The warranty gives an outline of how to install this engine to ensure that both the used car engine runs at its highest performance and that the consumer can carry the warranty after the installation process to protect themselves. Low Mileage Engines, LLC has been in business since the early part of 2003 and is a leader in the used car engine business.

It is no wonder that they are successful as they give the consumer a warranty to ensure that the engine runs at its highest performance. This is a major step in regards on how warranties help protect the consumer from faulty products and installations. The warranty offered by Low Mileage Engines, LLC is fool proof if both you and the mechanic complete the included checklist.

Even the mechanics that have installed these used car engines come back and rave about the checklist that the warranty provides. On a side note, they also rave about the high-quality of an engine that the customer purchased. Low Mileage Engines, LLC offers the standard industry warranty which is a part only, no labor warranty. They are the leader in warranty offerings in the industry and provide additional warranties that include labor. You can view the specifics at http://www.lowmileageengines.com/ or call them at 901-266-9996 or toll-free at 800-709-9233.

Low Mileage Engines, LLC offers a 1 or 2 year warranty that will cover parts and 100% of the labor expenses (if you purchase this warranty separately). The price of the warranty varies as it depends on the original cost of labor and if you choose the 2 year warranty then it varies on the cost of the engine. The requirement for this warranty is that the mechanic completes the 14-point checklist. If this is not completed then it could void the warranty.

The 14-point checklist includes the following:

  • Inspect engine before signing for the engine at delivery.
  • Inspect all gaskets and seals.
  • Directions on turning over the crankshaft.
  • Timing belts on vehicles with over 30,000 miles must be replaced.
    • Kia or Ford Focus must install a new timing belt kit and a water pump.
  • GM 3.1L engines must replace the intake manifold gasket.
  • Engines with more than 30,000 needs to replace the water pump.
  • Install a new thermostat.
  • Install a new rear main seal.
  • Install all new belts and hoses.
  • Install and gap new spark plugs.
  • Change engine oil and replace oil filter.
  • Add new anti-freeze.
  • Install new air and fuel filter.
  • Install the engine within 30 days.

Completing the 14-point checklist is very important to ensure that the engine is working at its highest performance and one of these other issues doesn’t cause something to go wrong with the engine you just installed. The warranty is for the consumer’s protection and is to be followed with proof of each check point.


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