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1978 Camaro Dash problem, stipulation to know what to replace from stripped screw?
I have a 78 camaro that I am freshening the interior up surrounded by, the plastic panel on the dash that houses the heating system controls and the ash tray was cracked, so I replaced it, I didnt enjoy much trouble but the two screws that hold…

1978 Chevy P/U electric wiring diagram?
Can anyone tell me how to get a hold of a free electrical system diagram for a 1978 Chevy pick-up fuel gauge? Thanks Need ASAP-

1979 Dodge tranny problem, no reverse.?
I just get a 1979 Dodge 1 ton cube truck and the auto transmission doesn’t approaching to work in reverse. In the short distance i drove it I have to maneuver in a tight spot and a few times when I shifted to reverse it newly revved…

1979 Ford F150 Shifter wont move out of park?
This truck has sit for 3 years. It starts great, but I can’t get it out of park. I know it have leaked profoundly of tranny fluid in the 3 years it have been sitting. This is a column shift automatic tranny. Any suggestion?

1980 Jaguar XJ6?
this car is a allure and I’ve rebuilt the adjectives engine…….but it want stay on. it started 3 times but it dies after about 5 second. the times that it did start it sat for something like 2 days, and when i cranked it it turned over…

1980 Ski-doo Blizzard Carbs Overflowing Gas??Help Please!!?
I have a 1980 Ski-doo Blizzard 5500.It has twin carbs and one of them is overflowing near gas but not the other.Its coming out of the overflow hose.It runs good for awhile then get flooded and quits causing a bunch of work to get it to…

1980 toyota pickup spark problem?
I have a 1980 toyota pickup 2wd and I am getting no spark when try to start it.I thought it was the coil so I put a on a topical coil but still no spark.I was wondering what the problem could be if it’s not the…

1981 Ford F-100. Found unknown portion surrounded by nouns fluid tub when varying fluid.?
This was a C-6 nouns and I removed the majority of the fluid with a vacuum hose down the filler tube. When I removed the vessel there be a part contained by the pan that “for the life span of me” I can’t find where it belongs….

1981 Jetta Diesel Wipers wont turn stale?
Just started yesterday, wipers wont shut off. My Bentley encyclopaedia is in the communication but thought I would try my luck here first.

1981 pontiac trans am — tire ask?
when in large school i bought a 1981 z28 the backside tires were bigger after the front and the car have air shocks that also made the vertebrae higher— i have a 1981 trans am i want to duplicate this look with—-but no zilch about tires–financialy it…

1982 Cadillac…Voltage regulator or something else?
I have a 1982 Cadillac Deville to be precise in excellent shape except for a few seemingly minor problems. The first is the fuel calculate. When you fill it up, the quantify goes to full and stays at hand for a while. Then when the fuel is…

1982 Toyota Celica, coughing / choking when accelerate, what is it?
Have been driving this old bomb of a coupé for a few weeks with no problems, this morning while accelerating it coughed / choked as if within was no fuel for a second and then it kept going fine, it happen a number of times.. any…

1982 Trans Am troubles?
My buddy just bought a 1982 Pontiac Trans Am. It be kept in a roomy storgae garage (did not move in over 5 years), below covers and is in moral condition. We cleaned it out, replaced the tires, battery, wires fuel, starter and alternator. We also refill…

1982 YZ490 clutch fade out?
it has a new clutch. it is in synch properly, but when it is 1st started and if it idles or you ride slow in the woods the clutch fade out and you have nothing on the switch. after you get at a cruising speed it…

1983 mercedes 300d turbo diesel lacks bootom wrap up power?
I have a 83 300d turbodiesel that has plenty of power highly developed up in the rmps but on the bottom end it only just has any power at all especially when its cold, it also shifts rock-hard into 2nd sometimes.

1983 monte carlo sports car problems?
my fuel gauge needle will sparatically moves when it wishes…what could be the problem?

1983 Porsche 944 wont start… any suggestions?
We just replaced the mobile and spark plugs. It has plenty of gas as ably. It cranks but it wont turn over. It starts to turn over but then stops suddenly. Any other suggestions to achieve it started?? Thanks!

1983 toyota cressida is losing in the region of 2 litres of coolant juice from the radiator every 2 days, come first gasket?
Car is taking longer to start up now. Looked under the grease cap it looks like a chocolate cuppucino…be doing this for like 2 months (yes ive been refill liquid in the radiator that much and that frequent) checked the sunhat before was black but in…

1984 BMW 318i wont jump previous 2000 rpm, replaced fuel filter?
Hello i have a 1984 BMWs next to a M10. The car be lagging so i replaced one hose and fuel filter and it fixed the problem running really great. This morning going to work it wouldn’t turn past 2000 rpm it would surge and thunk at…

1984 Buick Lesabre charging problems?
I’m having a problem near my 1984 buick lesabre with the 307 engine contained by it. Last week I noticed my lights going dim. I checked the freestyle (only 5mths old) and it was fine after a recharge reading 100% life. So I changed out the…

1984 chrysler laser Automatic dies?
Not a turbo. just regular. starts when jumped though take a long time to get it powered enough to start. I traveled a couple of stop signs & at the second one it in recent times died out & wouldn’t restart. Battery is about 2 mo…

1984 Corvette – Problem beside Brake Lights – Adjustment?
When I step on the brake peddle the lights don’t go on unless I am adjectives the way to the floor. Is in attendance an adjustment I can do so that they will go on more confidently? Haven’t found an answer to this one online anywhere,…

1984 F250 gear shift lever (manual)?
I replaced the locking cap on my gear shift lever. It feel like it snapped into place but immediately I can not shift. I have tried to go and get the cap stale but no luck. Can any one tell me an undemanding way to do this….

1984 gmc next to 6.2 diesel frozen to start contained by morning?
when first go out to crank it. it will fire right up and run for more or less 10 seconds and die afterwards it hard to seize it start again, then after it starts i enjoy no problem starting it the rest of the day.

1984 pntiac 6000 2.8L engine how do you smudge up the cam and crank timing results and the distributor?
I need to know how to strip up the timing marks on the cam and crank gears on the 2.8L surrounded by my 84 pont 6000 where do the results need to be positioned and the distributor rotor what postition will it be contained by when the…

1984 T-15 jimmy. won’t turn within drive or reverse…?
I have a 1984 T-15 gmc jimmy, automatic trans, 4×4, 2.8L v6 I drove the truck up on ramp to fix something. when I pushed it back stale it wouldn’t move. when you put it in drive…nil, put it in reverse, doesn’t move at adjectives. is…

1984 Toyota truck 22r engine. Carb.?
Was driving alone, truck stopped. started up and died again. Will run if I pour fuel into carb. I believe it is mechanical fule pump. I looked down carb to check for fuel while pumping pedal and nil. Suggestion?

1984 Toyota… No boil into hackney carriage.?
Flushed Radiator, Burped system, Changed thermostat, changed hoses. Back Flushed heater core. Heater control switch on firewall opens/closes. Hoses coming into/out of heater core are hot. Yet I receive very little heat if any. Radiator is full, adjectives air is our…

1985 528E Series Check Engine buoyant is on.What could be the problem?
I have a 1985 BMW 528 E Series that runs great.Only problem is that the Check Engine street lamp remains on, it’s been on since I bought it which be about a year ago.I took it to a mechanic to check the engine, no problems…

1985 Buick (front joystick drive) Park Avenue Air ride suspension?
has anyone ever worked on the rear suspension on this saloon or does any one know where i can find the scematics of this system for trouble shooting .. it has a self leveling piece with air bags/shocks that does not work ..

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