Missing persons in Thailand – Has someone you know gone missing in Thailand?


Thailand missing persons

More often than not, they have simply neglected to stay in touch because they are having too much of a good time and are unaware that loved ones back home are worried about them, and they will almost always turn up somewhere eventually, unharmed.
But this is not always the case and sometimes people vanish in Thailand without a trace and go completely off the map.

Many times we find this happens when an unsuspecting foreign man on his first trip to Thailand gets caught up in the bar scene and ends up being overwhelmed by the promise of a fantasy lifestyle here in Thailand with a pretty little thing he met in a bar.  It is a very common scenario and one we are asked to

look into often.  The scenario is always the same.  A man on a holiday or business trip to Thailand is easily contacted in the first few days or weeks, but then for some reason, seems to go off the map without a trace.  When this happens the usual suspects can be sought out, a conniving Thai bar girl whose has lead the guy astray with promises of a new life in Thailand free of the stress and strain associated with western countries.  The problem for the man is that these women are so intense with their whole “I love you too much”, “I want marry with you” approach that many guys are just swallowed up by it and fall right into the trap.  The next thing you know they are paying for apartments, motorbikes, and sometimes cars and land for the woman’s family.  It happens all the time here.

This is usually when men turn up missing for extended periods of time.  They stop calling home, no E-mail, no nothing.  One day they were there and everything was fine, and the next day they seemingly have vanished without a trace.  It is this type of scenario that is described in most cases we are asked to investigate involving missing persons in Thailand.  Just about every time, the husband goes missing by falling prey to exactly this kind of trap, the Thai bar girl or prostate with the sad sob story of poverty and destitution, and is almost always a costly deception that ends up turning out to be a nightmare.

Missing persons in Thailand due to severe illness – One common reason people turn up missing in Thailand can be attributed to a sudden onslaught of illness or being in an out of the way place like extremely rural areas of Thailand (a favorite destination for travelers) when an illness strikes.  Thailand is a tropical region and illnesses like Dengue fever, Malaria, and Typhoid fever are very common here, and can strike anyone at any time.  It is quite possible that if someone you know goes missing in Thailand, there is a good possibility they have become very ill in a very rural area of Thailand and simply can’t make it to an Internet cafe to send an E-mail message, or may even be too ill to make a phone call or send a text message.

Missing persons in Thailand due to alcoholism or mental duress – Another reason that can attribute to missing persons in Thailand is severe alcoholism or mental instability.  Often times foreign men who are depressed, or have some other type of psychological disturbance will go missing in Thailand.  They often go on extended binges of drinking and at times will also resort to drug use as well, and then end up spending all their money on booze and prostitutes to try and drown their sorrows, but end up making things far worse and in some cases will even end up taking their own lives.  We have seen this happen many times before in Thailand and local newspapers report stories like this nearly every day, especially in Pattaya where this kind of thing seems to happen more than anywhere else in Thailand.  If someone you know seemed to be depressed, or not themselves and were on their way to Thailand, this is what may have happened to them, but of course you won’t really know until you have an investigation done to determine the facts.  We are just pointing out what commonly happens here in Thailand.

Gary Crocker is an International Private Investigator working in Asia including Thailand, Indonesia, Japan, and the Philippines.  You can contact Gary through his website http://www.siamspy.com


Source by Gary Crocker