Mobile Awareness Releases Essential Data on Vehicular Safety


Cleveland, Ohio-based Mobile Awareness designs and markets leading-edge transportation safety products, a company that provides accident prevention solutions for commercial transportation professionals and individuals who want to keep their employees, family members and vehicles protected has announced the release of a new generation of TPMS (Tire Pressure Monitoring System) products geared toward Commercial Trucks, Utility Vehicles, RVs and Trailers. It is basically for the safety of the driver and passengers and, eventually, of the truck accessories.

The MA-TPMS series is one of the most advanced commercial Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems available today. It automatically and continuously monitors tire status, alerting the driver to abnormal conditions with an audible alert and LCD display indicator. This superior system not only warns of low-pressure and high-pressure levels. It also monitors hazardous tire temperature conditions. All three warning settings are programmable by the user.

Gary Rothstein, President of Mobile Awareness, remarked there are many advantages to monitoring and maintaining properly inflated tires, the most important being the reduction of fatalities and injuries from tire related hazards. As they expand their offering of transportation safety products, tire monitoring will be a key part of their focus to prevent vehicular accidents.

Based on the latest wireless sensor technology, the MA-TPMS series offers several advantages over existing tire monitoring systems. For example, the tires do not require removal and remounting during installation of the sensor, resulting in immediate cost savings. These rugged and miniature valve-stem sensor transmitters are externally mounted. This exclusive design enables the air in the tire to be refilled directly through the built-in valve stem, without removing the device. The result is a very low maintenance system that offers an extremely long estimated battery life of 7 to 10 years.

Rothstein concludes by supervising your vehicle’s tires, one will increase the life of each tire, reduce fuel consumption and provide unprecedented value in improved handling with ultimate safety.

Rothstein, an engineer with a passion for creating solutions that improve the quality of life, established Mobile Awareness after learning about a horrific and avoidable loss of a young life: A business associate’s three-year-old daughter had been run over in her own driveway due to the blind spot of the family SUV. This incident prompted other memories of the devastating effects these types of tragedies had had on Gary’s own family and friends. His grandmother, for example, had endured a similar hardship when her only son was killed in a car accident while traveling with his wife and two children.

Gary set out to investigate the mobile and personal safety marketplace in an effort to better understand what was being done to address these preventable tragedies. What he discovered set him on a path to creating an organization that would focus on making a measurable difference in mobile safety. That effort and resulting research led to what have become the core goals of Mobile Awareness. These are to educate and inform, provide practical solutions, and develop world class products.

The vast amount of government and university research data echoes the sheer magnitude of the problems plaguing the ever-expanding transportation industry. We will work to make more of that information known, to help educate others and increase safety awareness.

The responsibility to protect children, teenagers, seniors and employees is ever present. We will research and evaluate the preeminent safety products in the marketplace and make them available to our customers on an informative, user-friendly Web site.

The need to keep passengers, pedestrians and other motorists free from harm is a burden every motor vehicle operator takes on. Distraction from mobile phones, MP3 players, in-vehicle entertainment systems and other passengers can be deadly business as the challenge of maintaining one’s focus while driving is now more difficult than ever before. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) estimates that driver distraction is responsible for 20 to 30 percent of all traffic accidents.

Rothstein further said one must choose the appropriate truck accessory for each vehicle and be critical when purchasing truck accessory wholesale.

The president said they will continually challenge themselves to develop effective and affordable products to aid in the prevention of accidents from driver fatigue, driver distraction and lack of awareness.


Source by Gertrude