Nairobi Kenya Car Rental And Hire 4×4 Self Drive Unlimited Mileage


Where I come from, We have a saying that “vehicles do not take you for dowry negotiations”. After all who wants a friend who will let you down during that very special occasion. In any case life is not simple. As you know and I know, a car is not 100 % dependable as it can breakdown even on the most important occasion. However breakdowns can be minimized or avoided all together if you make the right choice from the very beginning.

You are arriving in Nairobi. What are your car hire rental options? Can you go on a self drive safari? Is it difficult to drive in the city? What do you require to hire a car? These and many other questions will be answered here. REF: Nairobi Car Hire 4×4

Nairobi offers a wide range of car hire and rental options. In terms of services, you can easily get self drive cars, chauffeur driven option options on unlimited mileage. In terms of vehicles, fleets will iinclude Suvs, Salon cars, 4wd, mini buses, and luxury limos. lux4x4 car hire nairobi Kenyaury limos are particularly popular with wedding couples. There are several outlets where you can get these.

On arrival in Nairobi, you can hire a car at the airport. An option is to contact your travel agent so that a car will be waiting for you.

Those going on a safari are better off with an inclusive car rental option with insurance, driver’s allowance, fuel and park entry fees. That way the guests will sit down an enjoy themselves without a bother. However if you are conversant with the country you can go on a self drive safari. However it is always good to have company.

Insurance– most of the cars will come with the compulsory third party insurance. However some companies will feature comprehensive covers. Ask your operator insurance he is offering.

In kenya, the rule of the road is keep left. At the round about, people coming from the right have freedom of way. Nairobi can be a nightmare even for the most experienced driver but if you keep your cool, you will arrive at your destination in piece and peace. Simply said, just give way when need be. The public transport (matatu) driver can be very courteous and rude at the same time. He will intimidate you to give way but when things are not in his favour, he is the first to give in. A little downpour is likely to make Nairobi a Jam city. My best advice at such times is just to relax in your office and wait for the madness to ebb.

Car to hire:
Car hire sometimes called car rental or rent a car is available in Nairobi Kenya. The car to hire will depend on the destination, season and purpose. Is it for leisure, family, business, haulage or do you simply want to replace your broken down?  Rainy seasons may dictate that you take a full 4X4.  If you are staying within Nairobi city, a standard economy car will do.  However if you intend to visit off road destination, use a RAV4 and above.  Car hire means freedom, flexibility, adventure and discovery. However if you are thinking of Northern Kenya, beyond archers post, and Rumuruti, get a juggernaut (Landcruiser not prado(suv) type but a real one). Make sure you also get some new tyres. However if you are attending business meeting, you can get an impressive salon. If you are taking your pet out on a sunny day or in the beach, you can get a convertible. For haulage, there are small and big tracks including clearing and forwarding companies.

Car leasing:
If you are staying for a short while or your company does not need to be bothered with routine maintenance and disposal just go for leasing. However be careful the agreement you enter into. Some companies may actually sell to you a car through back door in the name of leasing.

Chauffeur driven:

For those who are not familiar with the destination, cannot speak the destination language or simply want to sit down and enjoy their holiday.  Some suppliers have dirvers or chauffeurs who can speak foreign languages like French, Italian, Russian.


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