Nissan Altima Hybrid Review – the Pros and Cons


Hybrid cars are in a state of ever increasing demand, a response to the rising gas prices. When fuel economy and gas mileage are the consumer desires of the era, every major car company in the industry is beginning to field hybrid designs with varying degrees of success. Starting in 2007 Nissan entered the field with a Hybrid model of their popular Altima model, which they have also offered in 2008 and 2009.

Unfortunately, the first drawback is also one of the largest, the Hybrid Altima is only available at the time of writing this review in 8 states, those that maintain California-level emissions requirements. This means that people in states who don’t offer the vehicle are going to have to pay a rather large premium to have the vehicle shipped to their location, if indeed it is available at all. This unfortunately limits the customer base who might be interested in what is otherwise an excellent car.

Nissan purchased the right to Toyota’s Hybrid Synergy Drive, and then improved upon it with one of their own engines and variable transmissions. The result is a car that handles and performs better than the original, with nice tight handling and a smooth acceleration. It achieves an impressive 35mpg on the highway, and 33 in the city, a more than 12 gallon per mile improvement over the regular Altima. For those interested in Hybrids who enjoy the Nissan performance, the Altima Hybrid is an excellent choice.

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Source by Craig F Stevens