Now is the Perfect Time to Buy a Jeep Wrangler


by Ian Parish
It seems like everyone I know likes the Jeep Wrangler, the timing is right to consider buying a newer used Wrangler. They are fun in the sun, 4 Wheel drive in the winter, and very capable off pavement. There is a large after market of parts available, which makes it easy to modify and upgrade.
I tell people I have a Jeep, and I love it. They ask what kind of Jeep, I say a Jeep Wrangler TJ, a Jeep Jeep? yes a Jeep Jeep. The Jeep Wrangler is one of the classic American cars, It seems like everyone has a jeep story, and everyone wants a Jeep Wrangler. The Jeep Wrangler has a great history starting with the military CJs then on to the CJ5, CJ7, the YJ, the TJ, and now the new 2007 JK model. Currently the DaimlerChrysler Corporation produces many different Jeeps but over the years they have stayed true to the open body 2 door small 4×4 Wrangler Jeep. Each year they make improvements and add capabilities, the Jeep Wrangler Rubicon is a good example of a nice well furnished vehicle that is extremely capable right off the show room floor.
If you are not made of money, and cannot afford a brand new 2007 Rubicon Jeep, it’s a good time to consider a Jeep Wrangler that is a few years old. The Wrangler TJ was produced from 1997-2006. This model was a very popular and the used market is flooded with lower mileage, clean, one owner Jeeps. I am not a car salesmen but I know every car on the market is gently used, and only driven to church on Sunday by a nice old lady. But beware when shopping for a Jeep some of them maybe nice and clean others may have been drive hard. Another reason the Jeep Wrangler TJ is a great value, is timing. The new model was just released and is in great demand at the dealerships, some dealers may have new 2006 models they want to sell cheap to make room for the new JK models.
Another thing to consider is the large after market of available parts to upgrade, and modify a Jeep. The Jeep TJ has been on the market for almost 10 years and in that time there has been a lot of really nice parts and accessories developed and refined for this model. Everything from full suspension systems, axle upgrades, tires, wheels, bumpers, racks, roll cages, and security systems. If you want a modified jeep, but don’t want to pay full price for upgrades, do a bit of shopping around. I am sure you can find a Jeep with a lift kit, upgraded tires, and other accessories ready to go. Remember when you are buying a used vehicle the cost of the upgrades and modifications the previous owner made to the vehicle are severely depreciated. When shopping for a modified Jeep do a bit of research and talk to the previous owner about who did the upgrades, and how the Jeep was used, where the upgrade work was done, and how it was maintained. Jeeps that have been be heavily used off road will show signs of wear that a normal car won’t. Look for scrapes and dents under on the underside of the frame, skid plates, and the rear gas tank skid plate. These could be a warning signs of future repair needs. A lot of Wranglers have been modified for looks and then spent most of the time driving in town and on the highway.
Once you are the proud owner of a new toy, there are lots of things you can do to upgrade and enjoy your new jeep. You can just take the top off and go for a summer cruise, or you if you are interested in major upgrades the parts and help is certainly available. Over the years I have helped a lot of my buddies, and answered a lot of questions, the most popular question is about about matching bigger tires and lift kits together. What size tires can I use with a 3 inch, or 4 inch lift, or what type of lift and work is needed to fit 33 or 35 inch tires? For more detailed answers to all these question check this Jeep TJ Lift Questions and Answers FAQ.
Like I said I have a 1999 Wrangler that I have done major modifications to, and I love it. It’s a fun and function toy, that our family really enjoys. If you have always want a convertible, and you like Jeeps, but have been putting off buying one, now is a good time to take the leap. Before you know it you will be modifying the jeep, joining a local jeep club and 4 Wheeling every weekend. Go for it!


Source by Ian Parish