Parents Of The Groom Speeches


Any parent would be happy to see their son finally join another person in marriage and embark on a brand new journey as a husband and soon, as a father. Similarly, any parent would find joy in seeing family, relatives, and friends gathered together to witness and celebrate their child’s wedding day. With that being said, here are sample parent of the groom speeches.

For the introductory part of your speech, the appropriate and polite thing to do is to greet the wedding guests warmly and to welcome them to the bride and groom’s reception. Also, you have to thank them on behalf of the newly wed couple. Take a look at this example: “Ladies and gentlemen, we wish you all a wonderful evening! For those of you who may be wondering who we are, we are the groom’s proud and happy parents. On behalf of the bride and the groom, our son, please allow us to welcome you all in this celebration! Also, let us thank each and every one of you for being here.”

“This evening has been more meaningful, more memorable, and more magical because the people who are important to the newly weds are gathered here, helping them celebrate this most wonderful day of their lives. We are aware that some of you have even travelled a long way and have given up a day’s work just so you can grace this occasion with your presence, and for that alone, we are grateful. We truly appreciate the efforts you’ve put in and the time you so generously lent us.”

“Indeed, today is a joyous day. Today, we celebrate the union of our son and our daughter-in-law. Today, we witness their love made stronger by the bind of marriage, and we can’t help but be awed. Today, we are reminded of our own youthful beginnings and of that happy feeling of having your dream come true. Today marks the start of a journey. Today, a new chapter of their lives unfold, and we as the groom’s parents, promise to stay at the side lines, waiting for them to seek our assistance and our guidance.”

“To the bride and the groom, congratulations! It takes a great deal of courage to face this new and uncertain path called marriage, and we are proud of the both of you. Our hope is for you to remain strong and steadfast in your faith in each other. Love each other well.”

These, now, are sample parents of the groom speeches.


Source by Lakisha Ballenger