Pattaya Red Light District – Where You Should Stay for Holiday


The city of Pattaya in Thailand is certainly not well known for it’s beaches, but the glowing red light district in this sprawling city draws millions of visitors from all over the world. And staying in the right hotel is key to experiencing the vacation of a lifetime.

When planning a trip to Pattya’s red light district, or sex district as most would call it, you should choose a hotel that doesn’t charge their guest a fee for inviting a Thai bar girl back to your room. This is called a joiner fee and in Pattaya it’s usually between 300 Baht to 1300 Baht, depending on the hotel’s policy.

What you should do is make sure the hotel you’re staying in has a girl friendly policy. You may have heard of the other terms such as guest friendly hotels or no joiner fee hotels. This just means that these types of hotels don’t care if you bring in a lady for an overnight stay. However, if you’re the sexually adventurous type, they may request a joiner fee from you if you bring in two or more ladies.

Girl friendly hotels in Pattaya are conveniently found near and around the sex districts located in the southern end of the city. Walking Street, Beach Road, Soi Diamond are areas in south Pattaya filled with go go bars and massage parlors. Some cheap hotels are even right next to a sex business. However, those hotels are not recommended as the noise level may be quite high.

Compared to Bangkok, Pattaya’s girl friendly hotels are much more affordable and you get a lot of value for the amount you pay. For instance many of these hotels have swimming pools and modern equipped fitness centers for guest use. Even better is that many of these hotels are so well maintained they look almost brand new. Yet the rule of thumb is still the more you pay, the better the hotel rooms.

The best girl friendly hotels are located along the areas of Second Road and parts of Third Road. These areas are close to Walking Street yet far enough for seclusion and quiet for peaceful relaxation.

Such examples of these hotels are Sabai Inn, LK Metropole, LK Renaissance, Sunshine Hotel & Residence, Areca Lodge and Tim Boutique Hotel.

When you’re booking a girl friendly hotel in Pattaya on the Internet you should keep several alternative hotel choices in mind. Because Pattaya is a very popular tourist destination and your first choice hotel may not have any rooms available. By selecting a few back up choices you’ll be able to avoid ruining your vacation plans. 


Source by Jim Hunt