Physical Therapy After A Car Accident


A car accident can have a devastating effect on your life and the after affects are not only financially devastating, but physically as well. This is often times why it is very necessary to seek the attention of a physical therapist shortly after an accident. The longer you delay treatment, the harder it may be to get back to normal. A physical therapist will also have access to physical therapy equipment that could very well speed healing.

There are many types of injuries that can occur as the result of an accident and the type of remedy you receive can depend on the severity of the injuries and/or where that injury is located.

Brain Injury – people who have suffered from a brain injury will often need the assistance of neurological therapists. This specialist has a cache of physical therapy supplies that are geared to help you resume normal activities and function after a prolonged stay in the hospital. Even those who have sustained severe injures may benefit from the attention of a hands on therapists. Of course, there are those individuals who may beyond even the healing touch of these professionals – again, the type of medical methodology will depend on the extent of the injuries.

Spinal cord injury – A two pronged therapeutic approach may be needed for a person who has suffered a spinal cord injury. While a physical therapist that specializes in neurological problems will rehabilitate someone who has suffered immobility or paralysis due to this injury, an orthopedic therapist can look into the vertebrae of the spine itself to see if any resulting damage can be corrected or resolved. Often, spinal injury involves injury to the cord as well as the destruction or misalignment of the skeletal structure of the spine. The practitioners joint physical therapy supplies and regimens are joined to increase the odds of the patients rebound to health or mobility and independence.

Orthopedic injury – sports injuries, fractures, and sprains are often the domain of orthopedic physical therapists. Tackling degenerative ailments of the bones and joints, like arthritis as well as serious breaks, the physical therapy equipment that these individuals have access to will get you back into shape after an auto accident.

Massage therapy

Massage therapy is not a mere relaxation tool, it can in fact, clear up the lymphatic system to get rid of toxins that are stored in the body after a trauma. These stored toxins can wreak havoc, decreasing the ability to heal. A great massage opens up the blood circulation and allows the lymphatic system to release a clear fluid that cleans out the tissues of the body.

Although you can come to the rehabilitation center for a therapy session, many masseuses will bring their massage therapy supplies to your home. This can be of particular advantage to individuals who have a hard time getting around due to their injuries.

Once the therapist has their massage therapy supplies out and ready for use, they can begin deep tissue massages that will free up trapped fluids and clean out the system. When done, the therapist takes their portable massage therapy equipment apart and leaves you to enjoy the wonderful health benefits that can be gleaned from their services.

Almost all of these therapists may utilize specialized physical therapy equipment like the electronic muscle stimulator, a device that helps to make the muscle contact. This helps relive stress, alleviate pain, increase blood circulation and keep muscles functioning properly.

A car accident can leave you feeling as if you are lost in limbo, but no matter what your personal injury is, a physical therapist can help you regain some semblance of the life you once lead.


Source by Amy Nutt