Power Wheels Ford F150 – The "Off Road" Adventure For Children


If your youngster is mad about trucks then the Power Wheels Ford F150 is the nearest to the real thing you can buy!

It is great for youngsters from the age of 3 years to about 6 years ( maximum weight is 65lbs per passenger.)

This truck is packed with really cool features, for example it has a REAL FM radio, a working tailgate and lots of room on the truck bed for carrying supplies, it even has cup holders for refreshments on those hot summer days and they can take a friend along for the adventure! You will also see that the interior has wonderful little touches like chrome accents, seatbelts and yet more storage in the dashboard.

The Power Wheels Ford F150 is capable of a top speed of 5 mph when it is on its highest speed setting and a more modest 2.5 mph on the lower setting and when in reverse. The lower setting is perfect when the youngsters are getting used to steering and controlling the truck using the steering wheel and “gas” pedal. However, on this setting the “Power Wheels Ultimate Terrain Traction” will not function.

So, what is this “Power Wheels Ultimate Terrain Traction?” Quite simply it is a system where by both the rear wheels are powered by the 12 volt battery instead of the usual one allowing the F150 to go “off road.” It will run on all types of surface from wet grass to mud and gravel even small tree roots and mounds give no problems when in this mode (it must be on the higher speed setting.)

The Power Wheels Ford F150 At A Glance:

* Dimensions: 29.5 x 35.5 x 51.8 inches

* Weight: 93.6 pounds

* Has “Power Wheels Ultimate Terrain Traction”

* Sports a real FM radio, makes realistic motor sounds, a tailgate which can be lowered and a truck bed big enough for any adventure.

* Can reach maximum speed of 5 mph and a lower speed of 2.5 mph.

* Can be ridden in areas where other ride on toys would fail miserably.

* Boasts cup holders, Velcro seat belts and an indicator to show when the battery is low

* Drives just like a real truck with a steering wheel and gas pedal.

Your Power Wheels Ford F150 does need assembly, however this is not too taxing and the instructions are very clear and concise.

This truck is powered by a special 12 volt battery designed especially for this toy. Charging should preferably be done overnight to be sure that your little one can have endless fun – I have it on good authority that the battery can withstand 3 hours of continuous riding if fully charged. In the cab of the F150 there is a working gauge which shows how much “gas” the truck has left so there is no need to run out and your child will love watching to make sure this doesn’t happen!

One added bonus is that the seat in the Power Wheels Ford F150 can be adjusted to suit your child and it is roomy enough for 2 youngsters so friends or siblings can join in the fun

The only grumble I have come across regarding this ride on is that the plastic wheels are very noisy on hard surfaces and can give a bit of a bumpy ride. I have to admit that these grumbles came from adults – the kids just don’t care!

One person described the Power Wheels Ford F150 truck as “awesome” and I think that pretty much sums it up. It is It is realistic, sturdy, and the additional traction works fantastically.

For Your Money You Will Receive:

* Power Wheels Ford F150 ride-on toy

* 12 volt Rechargeable Battery

* Battery Charger

** Batteries for the radio are NOT included

If you are looking for value for money this is the ride on toy for you. The kids will have hours of fun and adventure allowing you to sit back and enjoy the adventures unfold.


Source by Margaret Snodin