Printable Mileage Log – With a Digital Mileage Log It’s a Snap!

A printable mileage log is often required of people who must record their vehicle mileage for business or other purposes. Anyone who has ever tried to keep a mileage log manually will agree that the whole process is tedious at best. This article will show you how easy it can be with the right tool.

Many different ways have been used to produce a printable mileage log; the most common way would probably be to take data that you have recorded by hand in your personal planner or on miscellaneous scraps of paper and then enter that information into an Excel spreadsheet.

The spreadsheet would probably have columns for the date, trip description, beginning mileage and ending mileage and then quite possibly a pre-formatted column that would automatically calculate the total miles driven for that particular trip.

Other ways to prepare a printable mileage log could include a hand written report, a company’s expense report computer program or some other type of software.

The problem with this is that all of these different methods still remain tedious for one main reason – they all rely on the driver to manually record the beginning and ending mileage.

Now this may sound easy to anyone who has never routinely needed a printable mileage log and I guess it really isn’t particularly hard to do. It just that most of us either forget to record one of the mileage figures or to record the mileage entirely.

Add to that the fact that actually preparing a printable mileage log is just not a “fun” thing to do. It’s one of those things that people hate to do that must be done.

The good news for folks who need to regularly keep track of a mileage log is a relatively new but still unknown little digital gizmo called a “digital mileage log.” This little wonder is quite portable, it’s smaller than the size of a dollar bill and it’s a snap to use.

The digital mileage log uses GPS technology to monitor your vehicle’s position (and thereby calculate and record its mileage). To use it, you simply plug it into your vehicle’s cigarette lighter and turn it on at the beginning of your trip. Then at the end of your trip, you simply turn it off. Your mileage data will get uploaded to the company’s website via cellular towers and you’ll then be able to login and add details to your report or download and print it.

Using this amazing little digital device will take all of the tedious record keeping needed to manually keep a mileage log and save you time and money as well. The printable mileage log you’ll be able to generate will suffice for any purpose necessary.

Believe me, if you have a consistent need for a log of your mileage, the “way to go” in 2008 is to grab yourself a digital mileage log and enjoy its many features.

I won’t try and make you believe that your new digital tool is going to change this task into something pleasant (but you will probably enjoy using it at first) but you’ll be very happy indeed with the way it helps you produce your printable mileage log.

Source by John Mann