Prius Battery Guide


How To Rebuild Your Toyota Prius Hybrid Battery Guide

5 Easy Steps To Saving $4,000 On Your Prius Battery

You Can Rebuild It Your Self For Less Than $500!

Who Can Afford The Crazy Prices For A New Or Rebuilt Battery? Use Our Guide And You Can Do It Yourself For as little as $500!

~Just Another Unlucky Prius Owner? My Small Story~

I bought a Prius from a guy that failed to mention that it had a dying hybrid battery. Lucky for him I purchased the car.

A few months later I was forced to take the car to my local dealership because NONE of the local shops would touch the car.

They told me that I was going to have to pay $3,800 for a replacement battery for my Toyota Prius!!

I found this guide online and was shocked to find out how cheaply the battery could be rebuilt.

With the ‘5 Easy Steps To Saving $4,000 on your Prius Hybrid Battery Guide’ we will walk you through doing it yourself!

I personally just finished my most recent battery rebuild. It only cost me $350, plus a few hours to complete it!

I Bought The Toyota Prius For $2,000 Because The Old Owner Didn’t Want To Spend The Thousands To Fix The Battery! Now I Have Another Toyota Prius Worth About $7,000 That I Can Sell For A Profit!

What Are You Looking At?

  • Step By Step Guide For Rebuilding A Toyota Prius Battery With Generation II Cells
  • Pictures and Captions
  • Cheap Suppliers For The Materials You Need
  • We Assume You Have ZERO Prior Knowledge
  • Savings Of Over $4,000 Are Very Common
  • Email Support If You Get Lost
  • How to replace your battery computer for as little as $100
  • Start To Finish How To Guide For Rebuilding A Prius Battery!


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