Prius Problems, Are you having these issues yet?


Are you having prius problems? Maybe your interested in getting a prius, and you want to know what some of the popular problems prius’ have.

What are some expensive prius problems, and how to solve them?

The lithium Ion Hybrid batteries are going bad after there life expectancy has completed which is only eight years. This prius problem can cost you up to seven thousand dollars!

How to find out if you are having this prius problem?

Symptoms will tell you if there is a chance that your hybrid battery is going bad. For example, one of the symptoms of a bad lithium Ion battery is if your check engine light goes on, and if your prius all of the sudden goes into limp home mode.

What is limp home mode?

This is where your Prius battery can no longer charge correctly because some of your cells, or otherwise known as modules have gone bad inside the battery.

How to avoid paying up to $7,000 for a new hybrid battery.

Well this is by far the most expensive prius problem you will face, less blowing the car up. BUT IT DOES NOT HAVE TO BE!!! I have repaired, rebuilt, and bought new prius batteries many times now. You can fix your prius battery for as little as $200. Avoid paying big for prius problems, you don’t have to!!!

Why does a prius battery go bad?

A prius battery will go bad after its life expectancy has come and gone. The actual problem is with the cells-modules. When the cells can no longer hold there charge the battery can not keep up and loses its charge. This can be fixed easily with a little bit of elbow grease.

Find out how to repair the cells, and save your battery, and your wallet here:


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