Racism in Today's Society

Racism: a word that causes those who hear it to feel very uncomfortable. We’d like to think that as a nation the United States has come a long way since the Civil Rights Movement of the 1960s. However, while equality among all is preached and generally accepted, there remains a persistent thread of racism that runs through our land.

There are many accounts of racism still today in our modern society. Whether it’s something as small as making a comment about another race, or something worse like violence, it’s unfortunate to know that unfair discrimination continues to happen in the 21st century.

One clear example of racism still happening today occurred on January 2010 in Bridgeport, Chicago. According to Chicagobreakingnews.com, Daniel and Adrienne Sabbia, a white couple, refused to sell their million-dollar-plus home to a local black comedian and radio host, George Willborn, and his family. Daniel Sabbia told his real estate agent, “He would prefer not to sell the home to an African-American.” While refusing to sell a home to someone because of race is a mild example, it reveals that even in today’s more progressive contemporary culture, discrimination still exists.

However, racism doesn’t only occur between whites and blacks. According to Deccanchronicle.com, on July 20th in New York, Jason Wallace gouged out the eyes of his Indian roommate, Latchman Ramnarine. Ramnarine was blinded by the violent attack and his lawyer, Michael Grossman stated, “he [Wallace] repeatedly threatened my client with words like I will kill you and break your bones because I hate Indians.” Racist incidents like this brutal assault only moves our country further away from achieving total equality.

Although things like this continue to happen today, we must not forget that overall, our country has certainly grown more racially tolerant since the tumultuous ’60s. The mystery novel, Once Upon a Storm, by Hal Fleming, is a great illustration of life during the turbulence of the Civil Rights Movement. Readers, upon following the various characters in this book on their whirlwind journeys, will come to realize that the United States has indeed, overcome many obstacles since the 1960s, and that eventually our nation may someday overcome the indignity of racism all together.

Source by ToddRutherford