Rent a Classic Car in Las Vegas


You can take the Deuce to hop around the major resorts in the Las Vegas Strip down to Fremont Street, or you may opt for the trolley, or better yet, just hail a taxi whenever you need to go to a particular Las Vegas venue. However, the most sensational ride that would definitely bear a mark on your Las Vegas experience would be to lease a custom built 1958 Corvette from one of the many classic car rentals in Las Vegas.

This baby will surely grab attention moving about on the Strip. But this is only an example of what you can actually drive around Las Vegas. As purposely mentioned earlier, there are a lot of classic car rentals in Vegas from which you can look for that ideal vintage car that you’ve always dreamed of driving. The smoothness and mere smell of leather upholstery, the wonders of a vintage convertible, and the elegance of a classic road machine will surely make your drive in Vegas unforgettable.

Of course, booking classic car rentals in Las Vegas is not only limited to tourists or first timers in Las Vegas. Classic car rentals in Vegas especially applies to couples, or even singles, who are vying to celebrate special events in a remarkably memorable style. Just imagine a tribute version of a 1934 Duesenberg or an authentic 1987 Rolls Royce Silver Spur limousine pulling up the driveway of a church or chapel to let a blooming bride make a classy and elegant entrance while the besotted groom interestingly watches the breathtaking scene.

Or if you want to surprise your significant other with an extra special birthday celebration packaged with stylish flair, then get your fingers busy looking for a vintage car from the classic car rentals in Las Vegas. And there is no missing in making mention of the fact that if you want to make your wedding anniversary extraordinary and memorable for your loved one, then leasing the tribute version of the 1965 AC Cobra would be most ideal. Of course, this is just giving you ideas of what great cars can be leased from these numerous classic car rentals in Vegas.

And you know what else is so great about these classic car rentals in Las Vegas? There are many ways in which you can rent the vehicle. You can opt to rent your desired vintage ride for several days, for 24 hours, or even for a five-hour period only.

Also, there actually some classic car rentals in Vegas that would let you drive the leased vehicle anywhere in the United States, so long as you won’t mind paying the extra fees and perhaps insurances on top of their daily rates. Of course, that’s limited to cruising around the United States without crossing the border to Mexico. The car rental would also require the vehicle to be picked up and returned in the lively city of Las Vegas.


Source by Paul Fitzgerald