Reverse Cameras and Sensors for Cars and 4x4s


These are some facts about driving in Australia;

  • A cyclist or pedestrian can be lost in a blind spot from as close as nine meters and a driver can lose sight of another vehicle from about 20 meters.
  • Driver vision is one area where new isn’t always better. Some modern vehicle designs compared poorly against older cars that featured discrete, thin and almost vertical front pillars.
  • In Australia every week, one child is run over in the driveway of their home.*
  • More than a third of pedestrians aged under six killed in motor vehicle crashes are struck down ‘off road’ in yards, car parks and driveways.

There are many reasons to install reverse sensors or cameras;

  • Provides the driver with a clear view of what’s behind their vehicle while reversing;
  • Reduces the chance of injury and fatalities to people or animals caused by poor/no  visibility;
  • Reduce losses due to liability claims, legal expense and administration cost;
  • Reduces manpower requirements – extra people are not required to assist when the vehicle is reversing into tight spots;
  • Improve employee morale, efficiency and job satisfaction;
  • Lowers the incidence of reversing accidents – and subsequently the cost of repairs to your vehicle and third party vehicle;
  • Reduces downtime – keeping your vehicles on the road and away from repair shops;
  • Improves your corporate image – no scratches and dents from reversing incidents to ensure your vehicles always looks the part;
  • In many cases, lowers your insurance premiums when reversing cameras are installed – check with your insurance provider.

If you’re in the transport industry, fleet management or courier service, you’ll know all about the hassles of reversing your vehicle. You know how tricky it can be to maneuver into a tight spot and crowed places. Not to mention the serious safety issues involved.

And you’ll know only too well the downtime and costs incurred when reversing accidents put your vehicle off the road. In today’s highly competitive market speed and efficiency, it is critical to maintain a competitive edge.

Loads and vehicles themselves are important, but nothing is more important than people’s safety. Implement rear visibility system to your vehicles today. Every second you delay is another second closer to danger and time and money lose due repairs or law suit. Consider Rear Visibility System as a one- off insurance for your employee and vehicles. At LineaRossa Auto Service Centre we have a full range of Reverse Systems at prices that are much lower then you may think.

There are many reason wether it is for work or to protect your family but one thing is for sure. A reverse system form LineaRossa can be the best investment for your car or 4wd. Log on to to see some of the range or contact Jon on 03 9499 1770


Source by Jon Dobson