Sample Articles Of Incorporation Are Not Standard And Vary By Jursidiction


Articles of incorporation are the foundation stone of a new company and later on are used as a legal document of the company just like the constitution of a country. Not only do they serve as a legal framework, they are also used for shaping the policies of the company, the way its management needs to be handled and how it is supposed to run the company.

These articles of incorporation are filed with the registrar of companies. Sample articles of incorporation are easy to find, but, but are not necessarily right for you primarily because each is made uniquely for a specific corporation. No matter what type of of articles you are looking for a lot depends on the type of business and country the company is located.

Article incorporation llc sample & Article of association sample: The Difference:
If you are in the US or other similar countries you might be searching for appropriate sample articles of incorporation. However if you are in the UK and various other countries sample articles of association would be more appropriate instead of samples articles of incorporation.

Sample articles of incorporation:
Below is a step by step explanation of sample articles of incorporation which will give you an idea about its overall structure. This sample articles of incorporation does not mean that every Articles of Incorporation include all the points, or that they are in the same order. However without discussing with your lawyer or attorney do not just rely on this sample articles of incorporation.

* The first and foremost information that Articles of Incorporation has is the corporations name. There are few restrictions on few names in some places but generally the only condition is that the name should be unique from other corporations under the same authority.

* The next article can be the purpose of corporation. The purpose can be charity or anything but generally there is an explicit mention that it is for any lawful purpose.

* Board of directors: In some countries the law requires at least one, in other areas you might have to give three or five names.

* The date of the existence of the corporation

* The primary address of the main office of the corporation

* Limitations if there are any. Some corporations like to bind their directors/employees and the corporation itself to refrain from few activities.

* Declaration of the corporation as a stock corporation or a non-stock corporation.

* In case if it is a stock corporation the maximum number of shares that the corporation can issue and also per share par level.

* Declaring employees and directors of the corporation exempted from the debts and liabilities of the corporation

* Policies about dividends or any committee to be formed in the corporation.

* Naming of a registered agent

* Date and signature of all the concerned people accepting that they have read, understood, accepted willingly all the Articles of Incorporation and will do their utmost to act on it.

The above article of incorporation sample covers all the main points and generally corporation details are not covered in the Articles of Incorporation but still it can vary a little.


Source by Ramapati Singhania