Senior Step Stool


The aging U. S. population is very independent and wants to try to do things themselves, if possible. They want to get on & off buses by themselves so they want a step stool that is easy to see, safe & sturdy to stand on that is 6 inches high. They also want a step stool light enough for the bus driver to pick up & easily store inside the bus while in transit.

The Senior Step is a lightweight yellow step stool that has a black sandpaper top for sure footing when stepping up to get on a bus or in a pickup truck. This step stool measures 24 inches x 14 inches. It’s 6 inches tall and weighs 9 lbs. making it perfect for buses used by Assisted Living Centers, Independent Retirement Centers and transportation companies and departments.

Patients leaving their hospital or surgery center have a similar need as seniors when getting into their own vehicle to go home after a surgical procedure. The patient is sometimes lightheaded and unsure how to physically navigate themselves into their vehicle. The Senior Step Stool works well in this situation, giving the patient a large enough surface to be able to turn around and sit on the edge of the car seat. Then the patient can turn on the seat and move their feet inside the car.

This step stool is 6 inches high, the perfect height to give a boost to any surgery patient trying to gently sit themselves into their own vehicle. Also, this stepstool is very durable and has no legs!! It has a continuous perimeter that contacts the ground so it’s stable even on uneven ground. The perimeter wall on this step stool prevents your foot from getting under the step stool and possibly injuring yourself.

The Senior Step is 6 inches tall and measures 24inches long x 14 inches deep. The step weighs 9 pounds and will store easily under a seat or in another storage area on your bus.

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