Should I Break Up With My Girlfriend? 7 Questions to Ask Yourself


If your relationship with your girlfriend has not been going well lately and you are not feeling fulfilled like you used to, you may be asking yourself, “Should I break up with my girlfriend?” When things are not going satisfactorily in a relationship, a breakup often seems like the best choice in terms of ending your own pain and misery quickly.

On the other hand, a breakup can also bring its own type of pain – especially if you still love your girlfriend deeply. Rather than rush into a breakup and possibly make a mistake in the process, first ask yourself these 7 questions.

1 – Have you ever cheated on her?

If you have ever been unfaithful to your girlfriend by heavily flirting, dating or sleeping with one or more other women, that is a sign that you probably do not care deeply enough for your girlfriend to sustain a long-term relationship. Consider moving on.

2 – Do you find yourself having to not act yourself when she is around?

It is essential that you date or have a serious relationship with someone with whom you can truly be yourself. Ask yourself whether this is true in your current relationship.

3 – Do the two of you argue more than twice per week?

If you argue frequently, such as more than twice per week, you and your girlfriend are exhibiting a lot of pent-up frustration, resentment, or anger toward each other. You need to get to the bottom of these feelings if you are going to make things work between the two of you.

4 – Does the thought of breaking up cross your mind more than once per day?

If your thoughts often turn to that of breaking up with your girlfriend, you may be yearning to do it but just need to get the courage to make the decision to break up for good. Listen to what your heart is saying.

5 – Do you respect who she is as a person?

It is very important to be with someone whom you respect. If you do not respect your girlfriend because of who she is and how she acts, think again about spending any more of your life with her.

6 – Do you keep waiting for the relationship to right itself?

Sometimes when things are not going well in a relationship, it is easy to want things to get better naturally without any effort on your part. Give up this fantasy. If you want to fix things, you need to take a proactive approach.

7 – In your mind’s eye can you envision your lives apart?

If the thought of being apart from your girlfriend for the rest of your life makes you feel happy and free instead of depressed and lonely, consider breaking up and as soon as possible.

Hopefully, your pondering these questions has given you some insight into how you really feel about your girlfriend. Now, it is time to make some hard choices to either leave her or put renewed effort into making the relationship work.


Source by Robbie T. James