Signs that a Leo Man Likes You

The Leo man is perhaps the most romantic star sign of the western zodiac. He just loves the thrill of it all and learns how to romance a woman from slushy books and movies that many guys would be too embarrassed to admit to reading or watching. Look at it this way, he is the style of guy who would love to be out kissing you on a windswept moor in England. Lets’s take a look at the signs that a Leo man likes you or even loves you.

Right at the start he’s very forward and not at all embarrased when it comes to letting you know that he loves you and won’t avoid dramatic gestures of adoration and passion. He’ll make sure that almost every day you have a delivery of roses and all kinds of other treats, he’s letting you know that you’re always on his mind and that he wants to be with you forever.

Don’t be shocked to hear music outside your window in the middle of the night. It’ll be him singing you a song about love and about how special you are to him. It’s the kind of thing that you’ve seen in the movies, but it’s happening to you right outside of your bedroom window.

Don’t be surprised if you receive large amounts of poetry, either his favourite poems and quotes or something that he has written himself to express how amazing he thinks you are. He’s not embarrased in the slightest about doing this, even though his poetry might not be the finest you’ve ever read (it could be totally awful, but in a cute way). These kind of romantic gestures could make a woman run and hide and it depends if you appreciate this type of thing or start to get concerned that you might have a crazy stalker. The choice is yours.

When he has fallen in love with you he’ll be desperate to spend all of his time with you and and expect that you are going to want to do the same with him. If you like your own space and enjoy spending some time alone then this could cause some problems. Sometimes his need to be with you so much can feel rather suffocating. But if you share his overwhelming need to spend time together then it’s going to turn out great for both of you.

Sometimes he’ll seem to be very controlling and jealous, he might even want you to stop seeing your friends. If any of your friends are guys then the Leo man is is not going to cope with this well at all. He’ll insist that you cut off contact with them, because he expects you to think that he is all you need. Always.

Despite this, as soon as the Leo man is sure he’s in love with you then he’s yours forever. A marriage proposal is pretty much guaranteed sooner than you might think. He won’t have eyes for any other girl and is very faithful. If you can tolerate his his attacks of jealously and his desperate need to be with you so much then it could turn out to be almost perfect romance, like like something out of one of those romantic movies that seem to be nothing more than a pipe dream.

Source by AngelaVarden