Six Common Nose Bleed Causes


Our nose is considered to be one of the most sensitive organs in our body. It is prone to bleeding due to several reasons. There are many nose bleed causes that you need to consider. Why do you think a person experiences Epistaxis or the medical term for nose bleeding at certain point in his life? Are the nose bleed causes considered to be signs of something wrong in a human’s health? What are the nose bleed causes?  What should a person do in order to avoid having these nose bleed causes? Get all the answers to these questions about nose bleed causes by reading on this article. This piece of writing will provide you some relevant information and useful facts that you need to know about nose bleed causes.

What is Epistaxis?

Epistaxis is simply the medical term for nose bleeding. When a person experiences bleeding from the nose for some reasons, then it is already considered to be an Epistaxis. It is important that a person knows the nose bleed causes in order for him or her to find out and provide the proper medication. What are the nose bleed causes? Are these nose bleed causes alarming to you? The nose bleed causes are mostly not considered to be alarming depending on the severity of the nose bleeding.  Usually nose bleeding would only last for few minutes and the longest time is thirty minutes. However if you experience Epistaxis for more than thirty minutes, then it is necessary that you will see a doctor and  have a consultation since  nose bleeding that last more than thirty minutes may considered to b alarming nose bleed causes.

What are the common nose bleed causes?

There are some common nose bleed causes that you need to know and you can find them out in the following listed below.

  1. High Temperature. One of the most common nose bleed causes is due to high temperature. During summer days, a person tends to experience nose bleeding as the high temperature of the environment can cause the mucus membrane of the person to become dry and cracked. 
  2. Accidents or injury. Accidents or injury are one of the common nose bleed causes. Whether it is a mild injury, it can still be considered as one of the common nose bleed causes. Anything that hits your nose especially with impact can lead you to have nose bleeding. 
  3. Hypertension (high blood pressure). One of the common nose bleed causes is hypertension. If you are a person who suffers from a high blood pressure, there is a great tendency that you will have bleeding on your nose. It is recommended that you will see your doctor immediately to provide you with the appropriate medication. 
  4. Alcohol abuse. Alcohol abuse is considered to be a rare factor of nose bleeding, however this is still included in the list of nose bleed causes. Should there be an excessive amount of alcohol in a human’s body, in some cases, there is a tendency that a person experiences bleeding on the nose. 
  5. Infection. Infection is also considered to be one of the common nose bleed causes. It is not advisable to insert anything inside your nose as it can irritate the internal parts of the nose thus leading you to have Epistaxis. Constant nose picking among children can also lead them to experience nose bleeding. 
  6. Use of blood thinning medication. For some people who are taking some medicines for blood thinning, you need to understand that it could somehow lead you to get Epistaxis or nose bleeding. This blood thinning drugs are also considered to be one of the nose bleed causes.


Source by Mark England