Spice Up Your Car Interior…


Hence the push for more refined, comfortable and modern interiors, which are designed to make drivers and passengers feel more like they’re lounging at home than belted into a car or truck.

Everyone in the industry has woken up to the fact that there are great opportunities in interior styling, perhaps more than the exterior. Traditional materials are now being used, recycled wood is ground up, processed and polished into smooth new wood without cutting down any additional trees. Wood isn’t the only material being recycled in car interiors as old is new when it comes to seat fabric as well. Fabrics are now being made from 100 per cent post-industrial waste. This material, which comes from things like plastic pop bottles and un-dyed polyester fibers, is processed, spun into yarn and then woven into seat fabric. Using sustainable materials in new vehicles provides real environmental benefits.

Another popular feature on dashboards and other interior parts is chrome-plated plastic, which has made a comeback after giving way to solid colors for several years. Not wanting to be left behind, the giant car company, Land Rover has also manufactured their new leather seats to make their cars interiors more stylish. The Range Rover´s classic yet contemporary design extends to its masterful interior. The spacious, luxurious cabin is superbly crafted, expertly upholstered and beautiful to look at. There are a wide variety of interior colors and 10 exterior colors of wood trim. The quality leather of Land Rover’s seat is impressing that it was soft sculpted and comfortable. Leather-bound premium luxury floor mats are also available in the cars.

Besides having a high quality of leather seats, heated seats cushion are also widely used. You just need to plug the heated seat cushion 12V outlet in your car and you are good to go. However, it is only suitable for cars in cold climate countries where you need to feel warm. Not ideal for cruising along the beach in Miami.


Source by Darrell F