Starring lips for fall 2016


Fashion is not only about what we wear, but that’s something you already know. It’s about what we eat, the way we decorate our spaces, and the music we listen to. Trends dictate everything and, of course, exist around makeup and not only about colors, but also about the features of part of the face we rather highlight.

This fall, as it has been happening for about a year now, the star of the makeup are definitely going to be the lips. Matte, red, nude or gothic berry, is all about wearing a bold lipstick that leaves our lips looking like a professional worked with them. Do you want to know what is everything you have to take into consideration when it comes to wearing a lipstick that stands out? Let’s take a ride into the lipstick 101 and see what is going to be trending for the next months.

Lose the fear

The first thing you need to know is: there’s a bold beautiful color for you out there, you just need to look really carefully. It is only logical that girls are a little afraid of wearing a vibrant tone of lipstick because most offices and other corporative spaces forbid them. However, I strongly believe there is nothing more powerful to a woman that the effect of a really bold lipstick. Whether is red, orange, purple or whatever makes you feel comfortable, go for it. Still too afraid? Find a makeup store and start trying out the ones you’ve always wanted to try. Or ask a consultant, they will surely know what is best for your features and skin tone. I promise that you won’t regret, and you’ll know it the minute you see the reaction on your friends’ face.

Matte and bold

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The biggest trend of the season (and let’s face it, a few seasons after this) is matte lips. Although it doesn’t seem like something really easy, it only takes a few tries to master it. First thing first: a matte lipstick will dry your lips, so you have to prepare them for what is coming. Don’t worry, is as easy as put a ‘primer’ on it (I use a lip balm that I always carry with me). The good thing about this trend is that it looks awesome in every color, and most of the products out there are really long lasting and have almost no transfer (that one would be a plus for the boyfriends). If you’re not a pro yet, try a semi-matte shade first, so you can know how it feels. After that, go for the gold… and the bold!


Fall comes every year with a much-known shade of dark colors. Navy blue, gray, mustard yellow, and of course black. And while these colors don’t really come to life in the lipstick area, the trend in these days is going for fall… big time. Berry gothic lips have invaded the runways and after that, our Instagram feeds. I personally love this trend more than the others because a dark plum really suits almost every skin tone. From white to olive to dark skin, it will look good on you. Use a slightly bright shade to bring color to a neutral outfit, or a really dark one to accentuate it.

Nude and slick

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Although the bright and dark colors have been a really big deal around us for a while, you can never forget about the neutrals that really save our lives. They do it in every way: clothes, shoes, and of course… makeup. A neutral lip can be the icing on the cake for an outfit that stands out and only needs a natural complement. That doesn’t mean it has to be simple: you can wear a really nice nude matte or use something a little bit glossier or if you find the perfect color in a lip liner, use it as a full product. But when you find the right one, one that really matches your skin and natural lip color perfectly, you’re going fall in love forever.

Always the red

No one can deny the title of red as the most powerful and famous lip color there is. I’ve always thought that a red lipstick has the power of lifting both your spirit and look in just one try. It doesn’t matter if you’re wearing just a t-shirt, if you want to take the tone up, just put it on you. Remember: there’s a right red for everyone. Try them all until you find something you adore, that’s the key.

Let them shine

In the matte lipstick era, there’s one competitor that it’s claiming its spot in our hearts and makeup bags: the gloss. After the 2000’s, when we used to wear them as a lot of oil coming out of our lips (ew!), they’re coming back to make a really good balance of our looks. A really clean and slick makeup can use a little gloss to light it up, or you can also try the ‘blurred lips’ trend, which consists on a glossy lip with no liner or lines defined. Very fresh and easy, for all of us!


Source by Jeniffer Varela