Step-By-Step Guide on Building a Porch


A porch is a nice place to stay if you want to relax and unwind. Constructing a porch is not as hard as what many people think. What is important is to carefully follow guides or instruction to make a beautiful and spacious porch. Soon you will have a practical home addition that will spruce up any house.

A backyard porch is a good place to stay if you want to spend private and memorable moments with your loved ones. People can also relax and unwind at their backyard porches while they have small talks with their friends. Many people like to have a backyard porch, but the thought of building it hinders them to do so. With this simple step-by-step guide, building a porch will be possible.

Materials and Tools

Some tools and materials are important to create or build a porch. To have a beautiful porch, people need to have nails, screws, footing clamps, foundation tubes, decking board, cement, sand, water and 4×4 post stock lumber that is pre-treated with pressure. Aside from these materials, it is also necessary to have these tools: pencil, paper, stakes, gloves, chalk line, tape measure, hammer, shovel, wheelbarrow, circular saw and drill with bits.

Creating a Layout and Locating the Ledger Board

Think of a good area in the house where it is best to locate the porch. Put stakes at the place where you plan to put stairs as well as at the corners of the porch. Ledger board is important when creating porches with regular or sliding doors. To locate the ledge board, look for a point three to four inches below the door. Place the ledger board under the point and nail it to the structure where you wish to attach the porch.

Making Footing, Porch Layout and Decking

Dig holes for the footing of the porch. The holes should have these measurements, twelve inches wide and four feet under the frost line. Place foundation tubes at the holes and put cement at the foundation tubes. To have firm mixture of cement, mix three portions of cement to one portion of sand, then add water. Lastly, put anchors to complete the footing of the porch.

To successfully layout joists and decking for the porch, put joists from the center to the exterior part of the porch. If it is possible, divide the porch into several sections and build decking by sections. Nail joists into the ground. To add beauty to the porch, put railings and stiles at the deck. Support posts for railings are important to keep the railings anchored to the footing of the porch. As soon as the railings are into their proper places, the porch is complete.

Creating a porch may be complicated at glance but the comfort that you will experience is definitely worth the effort in constructing it. Style and design are significant to make a relaxing and comfortable porch so it is advantageous to look at magazines to have ideas about common styles of porches.


Source by John Grant