Getting the Most Out of
By Jason Epstein
Like most of you, I’ve heard my share of lawyer jokes. I also know that my profession, personal injury attorney, doesn’t receive many heroic portrayals in most television shows and movies. More often than not, characters playing lawyers are used for cheap laughs or as an example of moral bankruptcy.
It can almost make a guy want to be a dentist instead.
That’s a great deal of the reason why I started – to give people the plain and simple facts about what a personal injury lawyer does and how they help victims of auto, motorcycle or other unexpected accidents. I’ve found through my Seattle-based practice that education is the best way to help people understand what their rights are in these situations, how they can properly protect themselves and just what a lawyer can and can’t do for them.
When you’re injured because of a drunk driver – or an unsafe construction site – or someone’s carelessness – you should have a way to gain justice for what’s been done to you. That’s why personal injury lawyers exist – to help victims find recourse. To be honest, sometimes you don’t even need a lawyer to get what you deserve – and I’ll be straight with you about that.
In order to help clarify my philosophy and approach to my profession, as well as give the public the knowledge they need about personal injury lawyers, I’ve created a great many totally free resources on that I hope you will take advantage of.
The best place to begin is to watch the series of videos I produced, which you’ll find on the website’s home page, or at my YouTube channel at You’ll find straightforward explanations on such topics as going to trial, the types of insurance involved in personal injury cases, what your personal injury case might be worth, the personal injury legal process and attorney contingency fees.
If you want to know more about these kinds of topics, I’m also currently offering four valuable books at no cost – “The Truth about Washington Auto Accidents,” The Truth about Buying Washington Auto Insurance,” “The Truth about Washington Motorcycle Accidents,” and “The Shocking Truth about Lawyer Advertising.” All of these books are available absolutely free without any kind of commitment from you. You can order them at .
Educating yourself about these subjects, especially if and when you suffer through a personal injury as a result of an accident, can potentially save you thousands of dollars and help you make wise choices. Again, I hope you will access this important information and gain a better understanding of just how a personal injury attorney can assist you should you be involved in an unfortunate mishap.
Please feel free to visit my website at on a regular basis. We will be continually posting new articles and blogs in the coming weeks about relevant cases and other personal injury and wrongful death legal issues.


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