Tata Xenon Xt – Review


The charcoal grey interiors catch the eyes instantly. IP styling is great and is analogous to the other Tata models such as Sumo Grande. The finishing is quite superior to its predecessors.
I felt like hugging the person who designed the front end. I felt that it’s just built for me. The large command seating position, tilt adjustable wheel and pedals adds to the comfort. The commanding seats are specially designed for extra comfort with large legroom. I can’t ask for more. In spite of such great features it has some drawbacks too such as irritating central console mounted windows and switches. The thin gear stick too takes away some of its charm.
The rear seating part poses some problems. The small door and high sill line is the root cause of all evil. The ladies department of any family would prefer avoiding sitting at the back. The upright back rest and just enough legroom don’t comply with most of our expectations. The maximum number of people who can board the rear part can be four. Taking five for long distances would cause a bit of discomfort
Like its predecessors the suspension is good and thus offers a smooth ride. The shocks caused by the bumps and potholes are almost absorbed. But the cabin clatters even if the windows are closed.
Salient features:
Cost: Rs. 8,64,000 (On the road, Chennai Xenon XT (2*2))
Rs. 9,70,000 (On the road, Chennai Xenon XT (4*4))
Personalization Kits: Front nudge guard, roof light, roof rails, roof carrier, side step, canopy to change the silhouette, bed liner to prevent scratches, lockable boot lid covering to protect your stuff from the vagaries of weather and chrome rear nudge guard.
Standard equipments: such as power windows, power steering, foldable 2nd row seats, lumbar support seats, electrically adjustable rear view mirrors, heated rear view mirror, analog clock and remote operate fuel flap.


Source by anilrgowda