Thailand Cuisine


If you are looking for an internationally famous food then it is none other than Thai Food. The Thai cuisine is very famous worldwide as it constitutes amazing blend of aquatic animals, plants and herbs. One can find all the five elementary tastes: sweet, spice, bitter, salty and sour. While tasting the popular Thai dishes you will find lime juice, garlic, chilies, lemon grass and fish sauce as common ingredients. Basically the distinctiveness of Thailand Food depends upon, by whom it is cooked and for what occasion it is cooked. One can see a little influence of Chinese cuisine on Thailand Food.

Rice is one of the principle food ingredients that is omnipresent in all kind of Thailand Food. The jasmine rice and sticky rice are the kinds of the rice taken by Thai people. The fresh herbs are used while preparing Thailand Food as it increase the quality of the aroma of the food. A single time meal consists of a hot cup of soup, a curry dish with condiments, a dip accompanying fish and vegetables. Also you can add some spice salad to the meals to make it heavier. The balance of spicy taste is maintained by the cooks while serving the spicy and non spicy dishes. For desserts you can enjoy the Thai sweets and fresh fruits.

The tools utilized normally by Thai people to have their meals are spoons and forks. Thailand has maximum number of Buddhist population, so one can see the impact of Buddhism in Thailand Food.

The Thailand Food is served with roasted duck or pork topped on it. In that case one needs to have a fork obviously. If you are having a noodle soup then you can have it with the help of chopsticks too. One can see the influence of Chinese, Indian and Japanese styles in Thailand food culture.

If we take a look at Thailand food menu we will find that some of the dishes are really tempting and delicious:

  • Titbits: Hors d’oeuvre and snacks like rolls, puffed rice cake, satay etc.
  • Dips: Made from chilies, garlic, lime juice, fish sauce etc
  • Curries: The ingredients in Thai curries are powdered dried spices and fresh herbs.
  • Salad: The Thai salads are normally sour, salty and sweet which are topped by different kind of meat textures.
  • Desserts: No Thai dish is complete without sweet dishes. The Thai people like to take something very sweet after a spicy treat.
  • Soups: Soup is the main dish when accompanied with rice is preferred to be taken by Thai people. One can find the quality of herbs and spices used in the soups.

Thai people are usually fond of eating rice with their meal and therefore whenever you stay with a Thai family, then be very cautious because you might end up putting on too much weight. Tastes of Thai Food can be amended to suit individual desire. All those who have eaten exotic Thai Food will in no way fail to order them again whenever their preferred dish is available.


Source by Yachika Verma