The New 2010 Volvo Z70 Features A 3.2 Liter Pzev Rated Engine


The all new 2010 Volvo V70 comes equipped with a 3.2 liter engine. The 2010 Volvo V70s that are sold in California emissions states are PZEV rated. These states include California, Washington, Oregon, Arizona, New Mexico, Maine, Vermont, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, New York, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Maryland, Florida, Colorado, Utah and Montana. PZEV stands for Partial Zero Emission Vehicle, which is one of many of arcane emissions brackets there were created by the California Air Review Board. PZEV vehicles are actually Super Ultra Low Emissions vehicles that have been further modified to eliminate evaporative emissions from the fuel system. The new 2010 Volvo V70 that does have a PZEV rating is run on 225 horsepower rating, while a non-PZEV 2010 Volvo V70 engine generates about 235 horsepower.

The standard 3.2 liter engine featured in all 2010 Volvo V70s has six in-line cylinders. The engine is constructed of aluminum. It also features double overhead camshafts that have 24 valves with variable valve timing; a Variable Intake System; Cam Profile Shifting on the intake camshaft; and a three-way catalytic converter with a heat oxygen sensor.

The 3.2 liter engine has an EPA rating of 18 miles per gallon of gasoline on city driving, 27 miles per gallon of gasoline while highway driving and 21 miles per gallon of gasoline with mixed driving. Depending on the driving style used and the situation the 2010 Volvo V70 is driven in, the intake valve train in this engine will automatically switch between economy and performance mode to optimize the fuel efficiency.

Overall the all new 2010 Volvo V70 has an engine that is built to meet high performance expectations, comfort and strict environmental regulation standards. Giving you, the driver, the ability to have pride in your ride.


Source by Ronnie Tanner