The Toyota Scion: Getting Popularized Among the Youth Generation


Getting launched in the year 2004, Toyota Scion had made a serious impact and is very much successful in gaining the attraction and the attention of the generation Y. This generation Y means a market which composed of over 75 million people who don’t have a link to a brand of the vehicles. It had been believed that in coming 5 to 10 years this generation will make the most important part of the consumers of the cars. Now according to a survey in the market, Toyota is able to make a different approach to target this generation.

Approach of the Toyota: –

The main approach of the company in the market is to utilize the facility of the internet and then going for an underground approach of marketing. Toyota had been working on providing the interactive online community which keeps a track of all the happenings and the reviews of the people which are leading in the market.

The Scion XB is a box-shaped car from the company which has 5-doors hatchback in a compact order. The design of the vehicle had been done in more round order. Good fact about the vehicle is that it is having a 2.4 liter engine which had been inspired from the concept of Scion t2B. This car was released last year in the grand New York Auto Show.
The Scion XD is another well known model of the company which is known for the sporty hatchback. This model was launched in Miami in no camera event to keep the craze of Scion in the market. This model of Scion is powered by 1.8 liter engine which is new 2ZR-FE technology. The tires size is normal of 16″ and some of the other accessories like the Pioneer CD player, power locks and windows and many upbeat features.

Attracting the people to the showroom of Scion: –

Another tactic which is most commonly adopted by the Scion to attract the customer especially the youth is to make the showrooms elegant. A Scion showroom is enriched with many beautiful accessories and other things which can make the people crazy.

The most important thing is a plasma TV which is used to highlight all the features of the vehicles from Scion.
There is also the facility of the fabric displays for making the choice of the interiors.
Besides this, Scion is also displaying the accessories of the vehicles in different cases.
Scion is helping the people by providing the information cabins with the facility of the printers which can provide better customization.
Even after the sale of the vehicles, Scion is also providing the on-site certification to the staff of the company in order to provide the future guidance.


Source by lucia falicity