The Truth About Automotive Vehicle Rust


Rust rust rust . Live long enough and it will eat your vehicle alive leaving your car, truck , SUV or truck in one tangled ugly and perhaps unsafe in any roadworthy means . Rust is ugly and disfiguring to your automotive vehicle. What is rust and how it can it be prevented or at the worst dealt with ?

Scientifically “rust” is the oxidation process of metals. That means that the gas oxygen , which we need to live and breathe , that oxygen mixes with the metal of your treasured possession – that is your automotive vehicle , combines with that metal and creates , in the case of your vehicle , damaging rust. Rust development and growth is greatly helped along by moisture and a slight electrical current. Some areas of the United States and Canada are worse than others when it comes to rust and rust formation. Worse areas seem to be areas of high moisture , and a high concentration of salt on the roads or conversely areas of melting snow or rainfall that use a lot of ice to keep their roads free of ice and snow. Conversely very dry areas – such as Arizona , or very cold areas where it never warms up – like the North Pole or Manitoba may have as much as a prevalence or incidence of rust on their vehicles. However just try to start your car in the dead of a Canadian or North Pole winter.

If anything rust damage must be treated almost as a dentist treats tooth decay that is you get out all the damage you can , as quick as you can . Then you promptly fill damaged areas – be it the cavity in your mouth with a filling by the professional in this case the dentist. In the case of your vehicle the auto body automotive professional cuts out all the damaged corroded metal – the rust on your automotive vehicle – and then replaces or fills in the area with new , clean , rust free metal .

To do it properly , to remove the rust fully and completely takes time , energy and cost. It must be noted and more than emphasized that generally the rust that you see is the surface rust component only. Its like the iceberg that hit the Titanic – where only the smallest component of that giant iceberg that did in the giant ship the Titanic was above water. The majority was below the water surface , invisible , deadly and unseen yet doing its great damage . In the same way the largest , indeed almost all of the deadly rust is below the surface of the metal of your vehicle . Out of sight yet doing its great damage. Simply doing a cosmetic job and not removing the rust fully is shortsighted. That rust will return, grow and spread you can count on it fully. Think you can do a paint job over the rust and all your sins are covered – well you can but its simply a waste of time and your money. You are like the little boy simply “whistling Dixie in the dark”

In the end rust can be prevented on your vehicle to some degree through simple maintenance. Keeping your car dry , clean and repairing paint and metal damage spots promptly so that rust itself will not have as fast as chance to grow , spread and disfigure your automotive vehicle/

However once rust has taken hold on your car, truck , van or SUV there is only one sure , tried and true method of stopping rust – and its effect on the worth and depreciation of dollar value worth on your vehicle. That is a proper processional job of rust removal and repair at a professional auto body or mechanical shop or garage.


Source by Terry Z. Voster