Toyota Camry – Best Selling Car in The United States


The Toyota Camry has been the best selling car in the United States for nine of the last ten years. What makes this mid-sized Japanese vehicle so popular? It has a unique blend of style, function, and economy that appeal to families, singles, and all couples alike. 

The Toyota Camry was first produced in 1980, and like many Toyota sedans, its name refers to a crown. In the Camry’s case, it is an Anglicization of the Japanese word kamuri, which means crown. It was originally an economy car, but it has gradually expanded through its near thirty year history. Although the Camry ironically is not popular in its homeland, Japan, it is very popular in the United States, Australia, and other parts of Asia.


Although the Camry is a Japanese car at heart, many people like that the majority of these cars are made in Toyota’s American factories. They are known for being ultra-reliable, while being equipped with well-tooled interiors with sleek lines. The model was recently redesigned to be a little sleeker, and have several different details added to the interior.An upscale version of the Camry is sold as a Lexus sedan. However, many people consider the Toyota Camry too mundane, especially compared to some of the sportier cars that dominate its class. Despite its matronly aura, the Camry has maintained a position as the most popular mid sized sedan. The 2010 model was recently unveiled, and it promises to be a great success, with its new, restyled exterior and a more powerful engine. 

Fuel efficiency continues to be a priority in the company and in this model particularly. Toyota recently introduced a hybrid model that has been growing in popularity, and consumers should expect this trend to continue in the future, especially as gas prices soar. Due to Camry’s solid reputation and its general utility in the market, can be expected to maintain its popularity for years to come.

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Source by Jack Benz